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Everyone tells stories on dates. Sometimes we tell these stories to make people laugh. Sometimes we tell them to make people think. Sometimes we tell them so we can increase the chances we'll see the other person naked.

Paul Shirley's stories are about an adulthood spent all over the world: living in Spain, playing in the NBA, and having his heart (and spleen) broken. But they're also stories about growing up in small-town Kansas: triumphant spelling bees, catastrophic middle school dances, and a Sex Ed. class taught by his mother.

They're funny stories. They're vulnerable stories. Most of all, they're universal stories, just as the stories we tell on dates should be.

Biographies & Memoirs
Punch Audio, Paul Shirley
hr min
October 17
Fourth Bar Books

Customer Reviews

have44 ,


Really enjoyed this audiobook!

ddkilzer ,

Why read when you can have Paul tell the stories in his own voice?

After reading early positive reviews of “Stories I Tell on Dates” by Paul Shirley, I went to look for—and buy—the eBook format for iBooks. I had previously bought and read “Can I Keep My Jersey?” in hardback, and I had read and enjoyed some of Paul’s online writings prior to that starting on MySpace.

I was initially disappointed that the eBook format wasn’t available in iBooks, but then I noticed that it was available in audiobook format. Now I had never bought and listened to an audiobook before, but when I saw that it was also narrated by Paul, I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy it.

Boy am I glad that I did.

Although Paul’s voice starts out a little monotonous in the first few minutes, he soon gets comfortable speaking to his audience. He starts to do vocal characterizations when he’s speaking as young Paul, and he adds foreign accents in the appropriate places depending on which country the story takes place in. There were even times when a light Southern drawl crept into the dialog—probably around the Tim Floyd stories.

I very quickly got to the point where listening to the audiobook became a guilty pleasure. The stories are so engaging and well-written that only sleep, work, and family time stopped me from listening to it. (And on the last day, I even listened to it a little at work.)

Summary: Go read the other book reviews, and if you think the book sounds interesting or if you’re a fan of Paul’s earlier work, do yourself a favor and buy the audiobook (and an autographed hardback copy while they’re still available).