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A Braden Wedding! 

Family and babies abound during this fun-filled weekend of love, laughter, and happily ever afters! Join Josh and Riley on their big day and fall in love all over again with each of the Bradens at Weston, and their children, in this sweet and sexy wedding story.  

How can two famous fashion designers pull off a wedding without the paparazzi involved? The Braden family knows no boundaries, and they will stop at nothing to give Josh and Riley their magical moment at the altar. But no wedding is perfect, and the Bradens find unexpected mayhem around every corner. 

There's a special surprise in this book for loyal Braden fans, and it comes directly from your favorite patriarch, Hal Braden! You'll also meet Charlotte Sterling, a sassy, sexy erotic romance writer who runs the inn where Josh and Riley are getting married. Charlotte is Beau Braden's love interest in Anything for Love, The Bradens at Pleasant Hill, Book 1 (coming in 2018). 


Story of Love is part of the Love in Bloom big-family romance collection by New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Melissa Foster. Characters from each sub-series appear in future books. Visit Melissa's website for Love in Bloom family trees, series checklists, and more.  

B.J. Harrison
hr min
November 4
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

ajmeyer1966 ,

Love concurs all!

With the paparazzi circling, Josh and Riley along with help from his family, leave the Bahama’s unnoticed and head for Charlotte Sterling’s’ home in the mountains. The chaos begins almost immediately, from obscene pancakes, mischievous little boys, brownies laced with marijuana, wedding cake disaster, raccoons and so much more. No matter what disaster awaits, love concurs all and the only thing that matters is they get to spend the rest of their lives together.

A humorous, sweet short story!

KatieC10987 ,

Inspires tears and chuckles......

Story of Love is the novella of the trials and tribulations of Josh and Riley as the attempt to have her dream wedding, and I do mean attempt. Josh and Riley want desperately to have a wedding free from the paparazzi that are determined to make a media spectacle of their special day. That leads to the first of what will be a round of frustrations for Riley, Josh and the entire Braden crew. Think helpful, decorating little ones, naked bridesmaids, mothers gone wild, and anatomically interesting pancakes to name a few. This story had me laughing so hard at certain points, and I fell in love with a character, Charlotte, that I hope will be featured in a future Melissa Foster book. Throughout the entire book, Josh and Riley kept turning to each other for support and comfort, and I have never read of a couple more in love and devoted to each other. This book was the perfect cap to the delightful Braden series and only whets my appetite for more Melissa Foster romances.

B.J. Harrison narrated Josh and Riley's original story, and he continues to be the perfect choice for a sweet and steamy romance. He has a deep, soothing voice that portrays male and female roles with equal skill. His performance is flawless, and he handles the numerous comedic moments in Story of Love with a previously unknown (for me) talent.

I received a copy of this audiobook at my request in exchange for this honest review.

DenaDonnatelli ,

Story of Josh & Riley's Love

This novella features Riley Banks and Josh Braden’s wedding (their love story took place in Friendship on Fire). I listened to the audio book and B.J. Harrison never disappoints! Once again you’re transported into the story and feel like a witness to all that ensues. Although a novella, it’s packed with hilarious moments, zany happenings, heartfelt love and of course their happily ever after.

Being famous fashion designers means you have paparazzi trailing after you all the time, unless of course you have the Braden clan to help make your wedding a reality despite what happens! As in real life, not everything goes according to plan and that’s okay, because being a real couple means you have to learn to roll with the punches as a united unit.

There’s no shortage of family bonding, whether immediate family, cousins or close friends and of course all their children. Papa Hal Braden is one of my all time favorite fictional characters, (although I have to remind myself he’s not real) and his love and wisdom is so beautiful and earnest
The heat and passion comes through loud and clear like in all of Melissa’s books, and you won’t be disappointed with Josh and Riley’s wedding. It’s a quick read or listen and one you’ll be glad you did. Five stars!

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