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My name is Brian (Glaze) Gibbs. I was once a problem causing havoc in my community and with people, having a small army following me all for the wrong reasons. Today, I am seeking to share my story of me and some of the major figures from the 1980s and 1990s.

Illustrating the good, the bad, and the ugly outcome of our lifestyle, I am attempting to give an avid picture of what the future has to offer for anyone who wants to be a career criminal by committing crimes to make a quick dollar, and who oppose being a law-abiding, tax-paying working-class citizen.

I need everyone's help to get this generation to stop playing Grand Theft Auto with their lives. My objective is to save as many lost souls as possible, and to help those that are at risk, by stopping them from making that multi-billion-dollar prison system their home. 

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Brian Glaze Gibbs
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July 26
Brian Gibbs

Customer Reviews

Get Well Enterprises ,

Great Story

The author and story teller Brian “Glaze” Gibbs did a great job on providing an accurate depiction of New York City urban neighborhoods in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Whether you participated in the life style or not you were impacted by what went on if you lived in those neighborhoods.

The story is very relatable. He started out as a kid with very basic wants and needs. Without any strong fatherly guidance on how to focus his drive to not settle for less he went down a dark path. In a lot of instances the story does not tell you what do but, it is a strong example of what not to do. It is based on real life experience. Looking forward to volume 2.

Jay Werx ,

Its Glaze

Its Glaze. 5 stars

Grenadian gal ,

Real Brooklyn NY Hustler turned positive influencer

I’ve watched your movies on YouTube and actually live in the neighborhood where all of your stories have happened. I drive on Fountain ave very Saturday and Sunday morning to go to the new Gateway mall on Erskine. I’m from Flatbush but have grown up hearing these stories for years. My aunt also lived in Linden but we are from a small island in the Caribbean and crime for us is walking around drunk in town. When I used to visit linden as a kid, it made no difference to me because I was from Veer, the ONLY projects in Flatbush. Although tougher, I managed to survive as well as my family members out of the project life. Thank you for not only telling your story but wanting to see change come out of it also. You have so much work to reverse please continue to tell your stories and teach while doing so.

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