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Steve Harvey
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December 7

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chris cashed out fast haha ,


greatest book ever

Ms. Realistic ,

Listen with an open mind

Information is only information...what you learn and do with it is where your own character lies...Steve is sharing his experiences...what he has to say is not written in stone for anyone....the dialogue is what is important...everyone can learn something about relationships when they get a real account...this is not entirely about Steve Harvey but it most certainly about those who read the book.... Blessings and better relationships to everyone... Now it is up too you.


People do have a right to their own opinions but.....

I am commenting on two things. First one, this book is excellent in my eyes. I borrowed my friend's book and began reading but I decided to purchase my own because it was sooo good. I recommend this to women everywhere and even to those who don't like Steve Harvey. It's about EXPERIENCES. People WHO LEARN FROM THEIR EXPERIENCES attain knowledge, understanding and wisdom. How many times have people purchased books because of what they've read on the inside or back cover or from a recommendation of a friend AND KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Hello!!!!!

So Mocha and Dolly, its sad that you are allowing your intense dislike for Steve Harvey to override your common sense. No one in this world is perfect and who are you to judge ANYONE? This book is for women who want better relationships with men (those who are worth it). This is a book review site so if you haven't read either of his books then you shouldn't be on here talking about the author. You are being judgemental, vindictive, condescending and mean. Your comments can influence someone else who may be contemplating about purchasing his books. Words are powerful whether it is written or spoken. Are you doing this for yourself or for the highest good of all?

To everyone else, it is my opinion that this book is great!!!!

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