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1972. The Munich Olympics. Palestinian members of the Black September group murder eleven Israeli athletes. Nine hundred million people watch the crisis unfold on television, witnessing a tragedy that inaugurates the modern age of terror.

Back in Israel, Prime Minister Golda Meir vows to track down those responsible and, in Menachem Begin’s words, “run these criminals and murderers off the face of the earth.” A secret Mossad unit is mobilized, a list of targets drawn up. Thus begins the Israeli response, a mission that unfolds not over months but over decades. The Mossad has never spoken about this operation. No one has known the real story, until now.

In this riveting account, Aaron Klein peels back layers of myth and misinformation about the “shadow war” against Black September and other terrorist groups.

Stefan Rudnicki
hr min
January 1
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

GalacticaLover ,

Good. Very good. But not complete.

This is a fabulous look inside the real world. The author explains the details of events I lived through, but didn't know about. Then he explains how the mistakes and the wrongs were dealt with, good and bad. That was also very insightful. But I say incomplete for two reasons. 1. I wanted/needed to know how terrorists can kidnap and murder innocent athletes and still manage to "create" sympathy for the Palestinian cause. How does that work? It's not the response generated in me, yet it was the feeling adopted by most of the world. Is the rest of the world that dumb? I wish that had been addressed. 2. The suggestion of the title and description suggested that after the Olympic massacre, Israel hunted down and eliminated everyone involved. But either that is not true or it was not described. One of the kidnappers had a heart attack in the 90's, one of the planners died of old age in 2008 (I believe), and there was no discussion of what happened to the "mules" who smuggled the weapons into Germany. I wanted to believe that Israel hunted them all down and made them pay, so this was disappointing. But still, a fascinating insight into something that happened in front of the world's eyes, but was never really explained.

Joeynlaw ,


Extremely well-researched and well-written. You will not want to turn it off. I highly recommend this audio book.

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