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Fat Chance by Robert Lustig:

No matter where you go or what you do, it's nearly impossible to miss the signs that we are facing an obesity epidemic. At the same time, it's nearly impossible to avoid advertisements for fast food - which, amusingly, are frequently positioned immediately adjacent to public service announcements about obesity. Everybody is quick to assign blame elsewhere: The food industry points to television, video games and computers; television points back at the fast food and junk food industries.

In Fat Chance, Robert Lustig presents a compelling argument that will no doubt awaken many from their sugar-induced stupor. His suggestions and solutions may not win him any friends in the fast food industry as listeners may steer their cars away from drive-thru windows and head towards the supermarket health aisle, but the forcefulness of his ideas should serve as a wake-up call to both listeners and those specific industries to begin to change their ways and do their part in rectifying our obesity-fueled, ticking time-bomb.

Dan McGowan
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April 30
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Kk1263 ,

Not even close

I have read the book and this summary completely misses the point of the book. This is not a “cliff’s notes” type version of the book as I was expecting. It overhypes the policy aspects related to obesity which admittedly are present in the book, but mentions almost nothing of Lustig’s point that obesity is related to our biochemical processes. You are better off spending the money and buying the unabridged audio version, or reading the book.

Hoaggy ,

Fat Chance

I was very disappointed in the audio summary. Bumper music for every chapter was very loud and annoying. I buy summary audios to listen to things quickly. Having bumper music in between each chapter seems very contrary to the intent.

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