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Stars are dying.

John Bandicut and his companions are summoned to a star-cloud called Starmaker, known to humans as the Orion Nebula, to discover what force threatens newborn stars—and possibly every world within a thousand light-years. Their journey takes them not just into the perils of a stellar nursery, but into confrontation with the Mindaru, a billion-year-old AI and adversary of life as they know it. The task is daunting. But with the aid of Deep and Dark, sentient clouds and perhaps the strangest beings they have met in their exceedingly strange journey, there may be hope.

Back on Triton, Julie Stone—briefly Bandicut’s lover before he was transported away to a new life at the edge of the galaxy—encounters the enigmatic translator, the alien entity that first drew Bandicut into his extraordinary adventures. Julie must face her own life-or-death decision in defense of the Earth—while for Bandicut and company, whatever chance they have of stopping the terrifying Mindaru will be found only in the fiery heart of an intelligent sun.

Sunborn continues the harrowing journey through the tumultuous worlds of The Chaos Chronicles, from the Nebula-nominated author of Eternity’s End.


“Ensures [Carver’s] place among the most inventive of contemporary authors of hard sf... Filled with startling ideas and ingenious plot twists, this sf adventure (along with its series predecessors) belongs in most sf collections. —Library Journal

“Leaps quite madly from pot to kettle to frying pan to fire. The pace never lets up...[a] remarkably expansive vision.” —Analog

“Carver does his usual outstanding job of juggling multiple viewpoints...while casting his protagonists’ adventures against a sweeping, intergalactic backdrop. A very human [story] about determination, seat-of-the-pants ingenuity, and courage in the face of overwhelming danger.” —Booklist

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stefan Rudnicki
hr min
February 4
Starstream Publications / Book View Café

Customer Reviews

ejanne ,


I’ve listened to all the available Chaos Chronicle books, and CAN’T wait for more! This is modern SF at its best! Great character, compelling plot, high and original concepts, with a brevity of exposition that doesn’t bog the pace down, but still immerses you in wonder. Add to this a first rate narrator who reads as if he is living the story himself, and BAM! I couldn’t stop listening!