Sunshine and Sammy: Vested Interest: ABC Corp, Book 5 (Unabridged) Sunshine and Sammy: Vested Interest: ABC Corp, Book 5 (Unabridged)

Sunshine and Sammy: Vested Interest: ABC Corp, Book 5 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Luke Adler lives for his ranch. It’s the only reason he agreed to get on board with his sister’s grand plan for guests staying on the property. Nothing prepares him for the force of nature that is Samantha Morrison. When she arrives on his ranch to help construct this new part of his business, what he expects and what he gets are two entirely different things.

He expects a no-nonsense business. Straightforward and simple. What he gets is a sunshine smile, sweet sass, and a woman who pushes every button and boundary he has. He tries to ignore the draw, the urges she makes him feel. But when she gets close, he only wants her closer. She makes him question his decisions, his thoughts, and the idea that being alone is best for him. Even when they are consumed by the fire between them, he knows they come from two different worlds and he has to let her go. But when the time comes, can he do that? Can he live without her sunshine to warm his cold heart? Or can this cowboy learn a new trick?

Author's Note: Heat and heart fill this book as our heroine learns to ride a horse and tame a grumpy cowboy in rural Alberta.

Maxine Mitchell, John Lane
hr min
June 2
Moreland Books Inc

Customer Reviews

Renavoo ,

Love this story

Gorgeously written with even the beautiful ranch setting playing a role in drawing readers in, this book was a joy to read. Sammy is the daughter of Van and Liv and I'm a huge fan of the original crew (ok fine, I'm a huge fan of Melanie Moreland's but the Vested Interest crew is what started be on this journey with her.) Luke and his sister are trying to make their ranch into an experience in order to keep the ranch profitable. Sammy helps with that.

First, Sammy's sunshine- something we need in the world today. I liked how she was written with a backbone, sunshine but with purpose and not willing to take flack from anyone, expecting people to treat her right. I adored her as a character.

Luke was a grump (yah to grumpy sunshine romances!) and I enjoyed watching Sammy's sunshine invade his tough exterior. He was a great character too, and his growth was compelling to watch.

Finally, the supporting cast, including so many of the characters from books past. I adored seeing my old favorite characters! What a fun, well rounded story that made me smile a lot!

Ladydi232 ,

Opposites attract

Opposites attract in this story. Sunshine city girl, Sammy who thinks love is for others but just not for herself. Grumpy, hard headed cowboy Luke doesn’t believe in love.
Right from their first meeting when Luke abandons Sammy at the airport sparks fly all around whenever these two spar.

“We agreed on the rules.” I sniffed. “I just broke them.”
Dad smiled, shaking his head. He cupped my face. “There are no rules with love. That’s a hard lesson to learn, my girl.”

Sunshine and Sammy is a great blend of emotional romance and really fun romcom.

“…Except Dusty didn’t want to move when I tugged on her reins.
“How do you get her in reverse?” I mumbled, looking over my shoulder.”

I have this book in both ebook and audiobook and the audio was perfection! I just loved listening as the narrators brought the characters to life.
-5 Stars!-

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