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Pregnancy and childbirth are often depicted as a time of sickness and mood swings for women followed by 12 to 20 hours of pain and hard labor. Many women have been told they can never conceive. Others have suffered the pain of conceiving and miscarrying. Have you had enough of this picture? Supernatural Childbirth is a practical and realistic look at God's promises for conception, pregnancy and delivery. This is not "pie-in-the-sky" - this is a personal testimony of how one couple overcame defeat and triumphed in God's plan! Jackie Mize had been told she could never have children. However, by unlocking powerful truths and dynamic faith principles she and her husband, Terry, found in the Bible, they now have four miracle children! This exciting book shares with you these truths and faith principles. You will learn these things:

How to put faith principles into action for your very own supernatural childbirth
How you can be a living example of God's promises in action
How to deal with fear during pregnancy and delivery
How and when to use your faith for pregnancy and delivery

Also included in Supernatural Childbirth:

Faith-inspiring testimonies from women who have followed these principles and experienced their own supernatural childbirth
Confessions and prayers for a supernatural conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and all circumstances surrounding each stage
A powerful teaching section by Terry Mize explanning the curse on Eve in the Garden of Eden

Religion & Spirituality
Juli Mize
hr min
April 22
Harrison House Audio

Customer Reviews

gfghcddryjn ,

What a Blessing

I am due in November and i can’t wait to experience this blessing of my supernatural childbirth...

PicPurrFit ,

Life Changing

I love how GOD anoints us all differently & gives everyone different gifts and revelations. This book has definitely changed my view on childbirth & I declare that when I get married, conceive, & have a baby it will all be supernatural. I trust GOD. I am grateful for this book.

unisis. ,

LOVE IT !!!!!!

Haven't finished it but this book has me in tears. So touching and empowering. We need more books like this for women.

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