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Surrender My Love is a USA TODAY best-seller.

The Bradens are a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series.

Fall in love with Cole Braden in the Bradens of Peaceful Harbor. Hot, sexy, & wickedly naughty second cousins to the Weston, Colorado Bradens we know and love.

In Surrender My Love:

Annalise "Leesa" Avalon never realized that one sentence could change her life until one of her students revealed his crush - and within 24 hours she finds herself under fire. After a grueling investigation that turns her life upside down, she steals away to Peaceful Harbor, Maryland, with a new identity to try to pull herself back together and figure out her next step.

From the outside, Cole Braden lives a charmed life. He's a top orthopedic surgeon with a thriving practice, strong family ties, and friends he adores. But there's a lonely spot inside Cole that no one can see. He has an enormous heart - and a painful past - but the desire to love and be loved is too strong to ignore.

A chance encounter brings Leesa and Cole together, and the attraction is immediate and intense. But a relationship is the last thing Leesa needs - and the only thing Cole wants. Long talks, heated moments, and deep connections are hard to resist, but the harder Cole tries, the more Leesa pulls away. Cole might truly be the right man for Leesa, but is Leesa the right woman for him?

B.J. Harrison
hr min
September 19
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

Nanakay2 ,

A well written story on a timely subject...

Another great story by Melissa Foster….This book continues with the Braden family from Peaceful Harbor but can certainly be read as a stand alone. I have read the book as well as listened to the audio version and enjoyed both equally. BJ Harrison is an accomplished narrator who does a great job and is very easy to listen to.

Annalise (who chooses to use the name Leesa) has lived through a traumatic experience and has moved to Pleasant Hill to regroup and to spend time with a friend. She is a middle school teacher who loves her job and the impact she knows she can make on their lives.

Cole is the oldest of the Braden siblings and he is a handsome, determined and focused orthopedic surgeon. He and Leesa meet in a chance encounter at the local coffee shop and sparks fly! They cannot forget that meeting and when their paths seem to cross on several occasions, they begin to realize that maybe “fate” has brought them together.

I like Melissa’s style of writing. She has chosen a sensitive subject and has done a great job of sharing the emotions and the uncertainty of the situation. The plot was well developed and the characters were believable. I would recommend the book in either version… print or audio.

Spainsmata ,

Cole and Leesa

I think this book had one of the hardest hurdles that Melissa's couple have to overcome. This book was so heartwarming and you can't help but fall in love with Cole and Leesa. How Cole was still single is beyond me, but I'm so glad he was. Leesa needed him and he needed her just as bad. A must read. Now can't wait for Sam's audiobook.
BJ does such an amazing job telling this story.

CharlotteL16 ,

Sigh.. cole

I love listening to BJ Harrison read to me. He has the perfect cadence and voice for these sexy Braden stories. I find myself losing myself in his voice and the story.

Just the thought of the Braden family makes me smile and blush. Cole Braden just adds to that blush and smiles. He is sweet, sexy, and so wonderful. Then enter Leesa, with two e’s. His amazingness just grows with every interaction between the two of them. While Leesa’s entire life has been turned upside down all with the words of one little boy, Cole has had a stable life with a wonderful set of parents and many siblings. Cole brings stability and safety to Leesa’s world. I am not sure that I have ever met a character that was so understanding and patient.

The setting of Peaceful Harbor is definitely one of my favorites. The seaside town, the wonderful neighborhood, and the amazing people is wonderful. There is a small town feel without it being overwhelming. People watch out for each other and yet respect the privacy of each other. I love how close the families are and how easy they protect each other.

While Treat (Lovers at Heart) is still my favorite Braden, Cole is a very close second. If you have not checked out this series you are seriously missing out. The nice thing about this series is that you do not have to read them in order. The characters make appearances in each other’s book but each book is it’s own story complete with an ending.

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