Survive ANYTHING: The Ultimate Prepping and Survival Guide to Perfect Your Survival Skills and Survive Any Disaster, Anywhere in the World (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Do you want to know how to survive absolutely any disaster, anywhere in the world?

Disaster can strike at any moment. From earthquakes to virus outbreaks, it’s never expected, it’s never avoidable and it’s always a matter of life or death. Those who know how to survive do exactly that. Those who don’t? Unfortunately, they seldom make it out unscathed.

But I have good news: I am here to transform you into a survivor. I will help you become a capable and knowledgeable outdoorsman and arm you with all the skill you will need to plan your escape and then follow it through to safety.

I’ve spent my life honing my own skills as a survivalist, and now i’m here to show you how you can make it out alive.

Hi, I’m Beau Griffin. I'm an experienced survivalist and I’ve had a lot of practice at finding my way back to civilization with little more than the shoes on my feet.

I’ve experienced the dangers and I’ve travelled to five continents to understand the terrain. I know first hand what you will need to do to keep yourself safe, healthy and mobile and I am here to share that hard-earned knowledge with you.

Give me one day and i’ll double your chances of surviving a disaster.

Give me a week and you’ll be as confident as I am that you have the best possible chances of survival in the event of a hurricane, an avalanche, a plane crash, or any other disaster for that matter. I really have crammed all the knowledge you need into one guide - and it’s going to keep you alive when disaster strikes.

In this audiobook, we’ll cover:

How to develop a survivalist mindset and be prepared for absolutely anything
How to secure the basics you will need to survive - water, shelter, and food
How to calculate your best strategy to make it from disaster to safety
And much, much more.

If you don't losten to this guide, you risk your safety, peace of mind and even your life.

This guide has been proven to work - scores of times over! I’m going to show you how you can turn the world around you from enemy territory into your best asset for survival.

All it takes is a willingness to become a survivalist and the knowledge within these sections and you will dramatically increase your chances of surviving a disaster.

Andrew Helbig
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June 25
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