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Artificial intelligence is our most powerful technology and, in the coming decades, it'll change everything in our lives. If we get it right, it'll make humans almost godlike. If we get it wrong...well, extinction is not the worst possible outcome.

Surviving AI is a concise, easy guide to what's coming, taking you through technological unemployment (the economic singularity) and the possible creation of a superintelligence (the technological singularity).

Calum Chace
hr min
October 9
Three Cs

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Surviving AI is a quick and “dirty” non-fiction

As a preface to this review, I want to state that I have already read Calum Chace’s fictional book about AI: Pandora’s Brain (and really enjoyed it).

Surviving AI is a quick and “dirty” non-fiction book that is meant to be a sort-of “behind the scenes” of his other book Pandora’s Brain. He goes into detail about the different types of Artificial Intelligence, where it stands now, and what the future may hold.

Chace teamed back up with narrator Joe Hempel for this book, and with good reason. Joe’s reading of this, sometimes data intensive non-fiction book was superb. He doesn’t waver in the face of long drawn out explanations of the differences in different Artificial Intelligence. Joe Hempel’s narration is clear and concise, like the book is written to be. I’m extremely happy that they teamed up again for this extension of Chace’s fictional novel. The quality is perfect, studio quality with no sound issues at all.

The book is dry, but quick and to the point. This isn’t written like a typical text (or god forbid textbook) where there are endless examples given that barely help you understand the point. Calum Chace’s explanations are easy to understand even if you have little to know knowledge of anything to do with AI. This book is a great starter if you are considering jumping into reading AI fiction because it will give you a knowledge base to understand where the authors are coming from.

A few parts of this book gave me the chills, just from sheer knowledge. AI is incredibly useful—if it is created and watched over carefully and the right way. But, as Chace explains—there is no way to know that’s going to happen for sure.

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