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This audio, from the acclaimed writer and narrator, Russell Webster, uses a musical accompaniment, to highlight the effectiveness of NLP when selling a product, or simply interacting with another person. Incredibly good listening and full of very useful techniques that are easy to apply to everyday life and even general communication and interaction with others. A best seller!

This revolutionary audio pulls heavily upon NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which is considered to be at the cutting edge of modern communication. In a world that is changing rapidly so too are selling techniques. Old fashioned methods no longer apply and you need to develop new skills to prosper in the future. This audio will ensure that you can do just that!Discover: The three stages of the selling process that you must master. How you can become a great `people-person' and enhance and improve your sales massively! How to make a powerful first impression with anyone you may come into contact with. How to create an instant rapport with people you have just met! How to build your own confidence. How to become a communication expert. How to gain advance information on your prospective client to hugely increase your results. How everyone has a different mind method and a different motivation method-how to use it to write more orders than you ever dreamed possible! The questions that you must ask to find out exactly why someone will buy from you? The five most powerful words in the world that will help you to great selling success.......W..W..H..T..H.? The power of the amazing timebind question. How to create a never-ending list of referrals. SUSS will help you to revitalise your selling and to realise your true potential for success.

The Author and narrator Russell Webster is the founder of the snafu social network and he is also highly regarded as an eloquent and gifted speaker. As a narrator he already has several top selling audio books to his name and is a sought-after advisor and trainer in most aspects of personal development and Corporate Psychology.

Mr Russell Webster
hr min
August 10

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marlanw ,

Great book

I really enjoyed the book. Message is good. Much people have heard, but good stuff to review. Price is right. Production values are very high. I'm going to listen to it a couple of times. Builds the foundation and builds NLP on top of it.

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