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"We're about to cross the point of no return. God help us; we're flying in the dark, and we don't know where the hell we're going."

Facing down an unprecedented malevolent enemy, the government responds with a nuclear attack. America as it was is gone forever, and now every citizen - from the president of the United States to the homeless on the streets of New York City - will fight for survival.

Swan Song is Robert McCammon's prescient and shocking vision of a post-apocalyptic nation, a grand epic of terror and, ultimately, renewal.

In a wasteland born of rage and fear, populated by monstrous creatures and marauding armies, earth's last survivors have been drawn into the final battle between good and evil, that will decide the fate of humanity. They include Sister, who discovers a strange and transformative glass artifact in the destroyed Manhattan streets... Joshua Hutchins, the pro wrestler who takes refuge from the nuclear fallout at a Nebraska gas station... and Swan, a young girl possessing special powers, who travels alongside Josh to a Missouri town where healing and recovery can begin with Swan's gifts. But the ancient force behind earth's devastation is scouring the walking wounded for recruits for its relentless army, beginning with Swan herself.

Please note: Two chapters were originally missing from Part 2 of this book. We were alerted to the problem on 11/21/11 and have corrected it. We're very sorry for any inconvenience. If you had already downloaded the book, don’t worry - your library has automatically updated with the corrected version. Simply re-download from your library, at no additional cost, to get the complete book.

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November 15
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Customer Reviews

nursegleckl ,

Swan Song

I read this book two times in the past 25 years and it is one of the best books ever written. It will grab you and not let you go. It is a story of destruction, sadness, hopelessness and evil that battles alongside hope, faith, kindness and innocence. It is a story about what may happen if we don't stop all the nonsense of war, greed and self-destruction. This book will remain with you long after the last word.

Nursing Coordinator ,

Swan Song!

I have read this book three times and it is one of the most uplifting, out of sadness, sorrow, and death that I have ever read. My son called to tell me it had been released to audio and I purchased it even thought I have a worn out paperback I return to from time to time. This book crosses all barriers of time, race and ethnicity to join together people with big hearts, love for each other and compassion for loss; however, it offers the reader more adventure than you can imagine. This on the edge of your seat adventure flows through every page. I compare this book to potato chips in that “you can’t eat just one” in the sense that you can not read this book just once, because each time you re-read it you find new adventure you did not think possible. Enjoy!

mlambert1219 ,

Swan Song

I've waited a long time for this audiobook and the wait was worth it! One of the best stories ever written!

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