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The insidious Fleet Street barber slit his first throat in an 1846 “penny dreadful,” one of those gaudy serialized novels that gleefully offered thrills and gore to sensation-hungry Victorians. Titled The String of Pearls, it told of Sweeney Todd, whose shop stood next to St. Dunstan’s Church, just a few blocks from the Royal Courts of Justice.

On this site, he robbed and murdered hundreds of customers. To dispose of their remains, he carried them to an underground bakery of one Mrs. Lovett, whose pie shop was a few blocks away. She ground the cadavers into stuffing for her meat pies, the favorite midday repast of the lawyers who worked nearby and who got their shaves from Sweeney Todd. The man you lunched with yesterday could be your lunch today!

Before the serial’s final chapters even hit the stands, the first stage version, pirated from the already published installments, was packing them in at a London theater.

Blackstone Audio has commissioned this, the first audio version of the tale, from the Audie® award-winning Hollywood Theater of the Ear. With tongue in cheek, writer/producer/director Yuri Rasovsky has gone all the way back to the original penny dreadful to imbue an old string of pearls with new luster—and fresh blood.

A Blackstone Audio production.

Hollywood Theater of the Ear
hr min
January 1
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

swenneytoddrox ,


this is one of the best audio books but it can do with out the random accordian songs

honeywhiskey ,

Would recomend----

The book "Sweeney Todd: The real story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street." The movie was good, but focused on singing more then the story, although it was amazing. For the full story of Sweeney Todd a seiries of books, such as this one, would be much better for knowledge of Sweeney Todd rather then entertainment.

Marisa DeRoma ,

Sweeny Todd Brings Chills to Audio

I recently bought this audiobook and loved it! Aside from the musical adaptation the audio adaptation of the origional story brings the horror of the legend of Sweeny Todd to life. The voices that portrayed the characters in the audio were marvolus, thought the world renouned Johnny Depp is not Sweeny this voice actor portrays very well for the more malicious Sweeny Todd of this stroy! The best part of the audiobook is when the narrator and voice actors discribe the cellars even more then the movie portrayed it as a dark cellar where one body is coming down the chute onto a hard floor, where as a body could come down onto a room of piling bodies! The origional also has a more woman's point of view with Joanna Oakly ( in this case not Sweeny Todd's daughter) with her solving the case where the missing pearls ended up and to find her long lost lover! Those who love horror and Pride and Prejudice or want a more horrific view of Sweeny Tood I recommend this book!

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