Swing Trading Options: The Bible of How Trading Works. Find New Passive Income Opportunities and Make a Profit on the Market with Options. High Probability Strategies and Discipline. (Unabridged‪)‬

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You are about to uncover how to make your first step towards financial freedom by taking advantage of the two lucrative worlds of day trading and options trading to create passive income to have all the time to enjoy your earnings!

Certainly, the biggest fear for most beginners in day trading is the unpredictability of the market, and subsequently, the Losses that can arise.

But with day trading - as it is, you can make good cash by trading even as little as one percent of your account, and most people do this to minimize risk, and actually make millions trading like this.

But what if there’s a way to go around that risk and curb it? 

How much more do you think investors would make?

The other way: Options trading!

When we bring in the idea of options trading, we mitigate that risk, and you actually are able to buy or sell securities at a profit, even when the market is dealing blows to everyone else!

In other words, the only thing you’ve got to lose is the cost of mitigating that risk, which is very tiny.

But in case you thought that trading and making profits without the risk of making losses is the best part, you’re very wrong.

Day trading options can be completely passive, which means that you can enjoy high-income generation and Low or zero risk, with little or no input!

How about that?

So what excuse would you have not to make it to the list of the top millionaire traders? I thought so too.

And in case you’re thinking to yourself:

This stuff does seem like it can get complicated!
How does an inexperienced, green person like me get there?
What do I need to master to fast-track my learning process?
Are there any mistakes that you can make and how do you avoid them?
How do you maximize profits while keeping your exposure to risks even lower?
How do you read charts like the pros and analyze whatever may need to be analyzed so as to make an informed decision every single time you are making a trade?

If you have these and other related questions...That’s where this audiobook comes in my friend. To take all your apprehensiveness away and tell you everything you need to know, in a simple, straightforward manner to take you from your current position as a beginner or intermediate trader to a proficient options trading expert in no time.

This audiobook is also a crash course for any busy person who wants to take the shortest route, without the usual fluff and start day trading in options immediately.

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:

Facts about options trading strategies you should be aware of
How to make the most of the long strangle options trading strategy
Buying and selling puts with confidence like the pros
How to make profit with different options strategies and positions
The types of options and how to profit from them all
How to approach the intermediate “bull call spread” strategy
How to approach the advanced “modified butterfly spread” strategy
How to improve your options trading
How to create an options trading plan
And much, much more!

Take a second to imagine how you’ll feel when you make your first profit; when you finally realize how effortless getting a decent income today can get, and how much time you have to do all the things you love in life.

If you have a burning desire to get there, no matter your current financial status, buy now to get started!

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