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Daisy Honey fled Trusty, Colorado, after years of battling rumors sparked by her gorgeous looks and lust-inducing name. Now a physician on the brink of a promising career, she reluctantly returns home when her father is injured in a farming accident. Daisy expects the small-town girls who hurt her in the past to take cheap shots again - but she's completely unprepared for a run-in with tall, dark, and wickedly sexy Luke Braden, the only man who has ever stood up for her - and the man she's never forgotten.

Luke Braden is handsome, wealthy, and the best damn gypsy horse breeder in the Midwest. After a restless youth, he's finally ready to settle down - only connecting with women is nothing like connecting with horses, and he's never met a woman worth the energy. After an arrest in a neighboring town, Luke's past comes back to haunt him, and he realizes that his inability to find love runs deeper than he ever imagined.

A chance encounter sweeps Luke and Daisy into a world of passion. For the first time ever, Luke feels a connection, but Daisy's life in Trusty is anything but permanent, and Luke can't manage a future until he puts his past to rest.

Taken by Love is part of the Love in Bloom series. While it can be heard as a stand-alone novel, for even more enjoyment, you may want to listen to the entire Love in Bloom series in order. Characters from each sub-series appear in future books.

B.J. Harrison
hr min
December 1
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

LynnZ1234 ,

Cowboy and Doctor, What a Mix

I received this audiobook free for an honest review. The author brought the two characters ad the small town to life. The small town life is classic. Daisy and Luke can't do anything that everyone doesn't know about. The story was well developed and thorough. The characters were authentic. The narrator did a great job with the characters' personalities and the overall story.

charlligirl ,

Going home ...

Gawd, this book brought back so many high school memories. Daisy went through a lot in high school and couldn't wait to leave Trusty. Now she's back for a short time and fearing more of the nightmare from back then.

Having been bullied in high school, I feel for Daisy. I hate going home to visit and choose not to because of it. I have no desire to run into anyone from back then. So listening to this book made me realize high school is over and many of us have moved on and forgotten about back then. But it's not easy to let go. And that's what Daisy has to deal with in this book.

I love how supportive Luke is and the fact that Kevin is her best friend and was there for her through it all. Not having that because of being in a big city, I love that she has a support system. And, now, she has all of those girls who hassled her in high school, asking her if they can help. So it was so nice to see that.

Having listened to so many Melissa Foster books, I have come to expect BJ Harrison's fun and fabulous narration. If I ever get one of her books without him narrating, I'll probably not know what to do with it.

Isha C. ,

...the best book I've forgotten to read.

Taken by Love could be the best book I've forgotten to read. I was disappointed to have overlooked such a devastatingly, powerful love story. Lucky for me, I happened to stumble across Daisy Honey and Luke Braden in audio. There's something about a Foster novel that changes the way you look at life. Daisy and Luke have the sweetest hearts, but are bogged down by less than stellar reputations. In a town where gossip runs rampant, two acquaintances find that they never really knew each other at all. If Melissa Foster has a way with words, B.J. Harrison has a gift for breathing new life into the way a heart looks at the real word

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