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Talk Less, Say More is a revolutionary guide to 21st-century communication skills that will help you to be more influential and make things happen in our distracted, attention-deficit world. It's loaded with specific tips and takeaways to ensure that you're fully heard, clearly understood, and trigger positive responses in any business or social situation.

This is the first book to deliver a proven method to master the core leadership skill of influence. Talk Less, Say More lays out a powerful three-step method called Connect, Convey, Convince (R) and guides you in how to use these habits to be more influential. This succinct book solves modern communication issues in today's demanding, distracted world at a time when interaction skills are plummeting.

Communication is the single greatest challenge in business today. It takes just three habits to conquer it. Talk Less, Say More will help you achieve more with less. Less wordiness. Less tune-out. Less frustration. You'll gain more time. More positive outcomes. And more rewarding relationships.

Business & Personal Finance
Connie Dieken
hr min
August 31
onPoint Audio

Customer Reviews

joodiebee ,

Good info - not so excited about the presentation

For a book about communication, I found her breathy, kindergarden teacher voice a little difficult to listen to. However, I thought the topic and the information she presents so interesting that I've listened to it twice already. So... there are good and bad points, in my opinion.

spgee ,

Talk Less, Say More

Excellent book with all the tips for proper communication with individuals or an audience. I have read a lot and did not learn anything new but it was a very good review. People of all occupations will find this book useful and is particularly suited for sales as well as public speaking. Tuning into the Now moment of the other person is the key message of this book and the rest is details.
I do think the delivery could have been better but overall a very enlightening book for a great price.


Zurbrick ,

Wow. Great Book. Simple yet Powerful.

One of the most enlightening books this decade. Must read for anyone in a leadership, sales or marketing role.

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