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Four years ago, crime beat reporter Riley O'Rourke changed the world. To be fair, it wasn't entirely her fault. Her mentor, a 3,000-year-old vampire, destroyed Tucson police headquarters during a fight with a sorcerer. Footage of the fight went viral on the internet, and the existence of Preternaturals - vampires, witches, and other were-animals like Riley - was revealed. Humans went a little crazy. The cats and wolves were out of the bag, and only an act of Congress stopped the chaos.

But not all the Preternaturals are happy with this new world order, however. The Queen of the Winter Faeries worries that exposing her hidden world will destroy it, and sends the nastiest storybook characters imaginable to kill Riley before she can out the Fair Folk, too. The Summer Queen, Winter's arch-rival, promises to protect Riley if she does her a teeny-weeny favor: break into Winter's castle, sneak past creatures straight out of Riley's nightmares, steal a magical mirror, and return it to Summer. And all without Winter noticing.

Riley agrees to the favor; what choice does she have? But dealing with the Fae is always a double-edged sword, and the Summer Queen neglected to explain that if Riley successfully pulls off this heist, the entire world might end up on the edge of destruction.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
P. J. Morgan
hr min
February 26
Casa Cielo Press

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talented words crafter and masterful story-teller

Some secrets are best left in the dark; but sometimes they have a way of coming out with a vengeance.  Riley O’Rourke, a crime beat reporter and Jaguar, was present when a bystander video-taped and released proof of supernatural creatures that roam the earth, mixing and mingling with humans.  Exposing the preternatural world placed Riley into the lime light making her a spokesperson and specialist of the preternatural.  However, not everyone was exposed and those creatures that remain hidden from the human world have an agenda – their agenda involves Riley, her boyfriend and Onyx (her vampire friend/ruler of the preternatural world of Arizona).

The fairy world, both the winter and summer courts, are feuding and draw Riley deep into the depths of their war.  She must steal a valuable artifact from the winter court. Bargaining with a fairy is a complicated and dangerous maneuver but Riley does so to protect her and her family/friends.   The question is not can she do it but will the fairy world leave her alone afterwards?  That’s a chance Riley takes with the support of her friends.

Fiona Skye, author, has a well-developed story that brings into it many different aspects of the current myths and legends of vampires, fairies, werewolves, shape shifters and more.   The characters grow at a solid pace.  The use of myths/legends is well done also.  Although it brings in the entire preternatural world, it quickly narrows it down to one section and focuses not on the human element but rather on the preternatural.

The narrator, P.J. Morgan provides an excellent performance.  At first I was a bit thrown off because I did not expect Riley to have a Brooklyn like accent but it is explained in the story very well and subtly.  Morgan plays all the parts well executing difficult accents and twangs.  Very entertaining and a great fit for the book.  The emotions were projected very well, drawing the audience in captivating them.

Not only is Skye a very talented words crafter and masterful story-teller, but Morgan is equally talented at narration.  This is one book that should not be missed; it is by far an excellent book.

There were no issues with production.  Everything was clear and well done.

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