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Tao is The Way. Tao is the source of all universes. Tao is the principles and laws of all universes. In the sixth book of the Soul Power Series, New York Times bestselling author Master Zhi Gang Sha shares the essence of ancient teachings of Tao and reveals a new Tao text for the twenty-first century that he received directly from the Divine.

These new divine teachings reveal how Tao exists in every aspect of life, from waking to sleeping to eating and more. Master Sha explains how Tao uses the processes of normal creation and reverse creation for all life. He also shares advanced soul wisdom and practical approaches for reaching Tao. In this process, healing, rejuvenation, and life transformation occur. In contrast to the ancient Taoist wisdom, knowledge, and practices, the new sacred teaching in this book is extremely simple, practical, and profound.

Studying and practicing Tao has many great benefits, including the ability to:

• heal yourself and others, as well as humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes

• return from old age to the health and purity of a baby

• prolong life

Enter the realm of Tao with Master Sha. Your life will be transformed.

Religion & Spirituality
Zhi Gang Sha
hr min
May 11
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

David Lusch ,

Tao I: The Way of All Life - An Instant Classic

The “Tao I” audiobook is absolutely amazing. Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha has revealed simpler, more powerful secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques than before. With every book Master Sha releases, the wisdom becomes simpler and the practices become more powerful.

This Tao I audiobook is not about the “Tao Te Ching”, by Lao Tze. This audiobook includes ancient wisdom and new Tao wisdom given directly to Master Sha. Master Sha releases a new 75 line Tao text, which will become a classic for the ages. To give you a preview, one line of this text is simply and powerfully:

“Tao Tao Tao”

Two one-sentence secrets that are a part of this section are:

“What you chant or sing is what you become.”
“To chant ‘Tao Tao Tao’ is to reach Tao.”

You may be thinking that this is too simple or too hard to believe. Great! The simplest wisdom and practice are the most powerful. As Master Sha teaches in the audiobook, “Da Tao zhi jian,” which means, “The Big Way is extremely simple.” Many human beings like to make things very complicated. Why make it harder and more complicated than it needs to be?

Master Sha outlines profound, sacred, and new Divine and Tao wisdom. He gives practical techniques for healing, preventing sickness, rejuvenation, longevity, enlightenment, immortality, and offering service that you can apply in your daily life. He shows you the process for reaching the Tao. It may take a lot of work, or even lifetimes. It is possible. Anything is possible.

Journey into the Tao with Master Sha. Listen to the audiobook. Apply the wisdom and practices to every aspect of your life. I have already started. The experience and results are absolutely amazing and beyond words.

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