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Wolf shifter Mackenzie Davis has no interest in mating with another wolf. A horrific experience in her past has hardened her to this resolve. She loves her life as is, with the perfect job, the perfect friends, and the perfect boyfriend - a human one. Nevertheless, her mother implores her to attend this year’s Wolf Gathering. Reluctantly dragging her feet, she agrees to one day only.

Drake Spencer has come to the gathering from Texas with his family. He’s 28and believes his chances of finding a mate are slim to none, especially since he saw the woman he felt connected to leave with another man at the last gathering. But what if the woman who has consumed his dreams for the last two years is not actually mated?

When Mackenzie and Drake meet, sparks fly. Kenzie hopes to deny the claim on her. But can she? The call of mates is stronger than she expected. What will happen to her sense of self if she follows this man to Texas? Not to mention Drake. Can he live with the mental scars of her past?

Meghan Kelly
hr min
October 30
Hartwood Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Sapphire Reader ,

Hot! Steamy! Did I say Hot!

Well let me start off by this is one audio that you should not listen in the car like I did. This is one hot werewolf love story. Becca Jameson’s short 3+ hour audio read by Meghan Kelly was a really well written short story about the werewolf clans selecting their soul mates.

Plot: So families with their teenage children go to the wolf gathering to have the male werewolf’s pick their female mates for life. Well for one girl, Mackenzie Davis, her mother drags her to this year’s gathering against her wishes for she has a human boyfriend. She does not want a wolf mate. Her boyfriend calls in that morning to cancel there get together that day. So Mackenzie (all call her Mac) agrees “Only one day mom!” Not ready to expose a hidden secret that she has held in from on previous wolf gathering. Her main reason for not wanting a wolf mate but, not willing to share with her mother about it. What Mac was not ready for was him!

Drake Shelton from Texas just like Mac he does not want a mate. He wants to be a certified bachelor. All he could think of is that girl that eluded him on the last Gathering as she was being taken out of the room by another. Little did he know that she did not succumb to the other wolf? Or his not so charms.

But, as he enters the room can it be true! He smells her scent. No can’t be she was taken or was she? Mac annoyed with the festivities leaves the room to be alone. She passes Drake and he could not let her get away this time. Calling her boyfriend she comes to learn what her sister has been saying for weeks. He tells her that he is gay. As Drake goes out to speak to her. Mac can feel the sparks begin to fly between them.

“This cannot be”, thinks Mac. She just found out her boyfriend is gay and how could she be attracted to a wolf! What happens next is something both of them well Mackenzie does not want to admit to. Drake is so pumped up by her that he is having a difficult time containing himself. But, he does.

After her moments with Drake, Mackenzie decides that she does not want go the next day to the gathering. She could not face Drake after the events of the day before. It just was not right she can’t be attracted to him. Little does she know that her sister the day before gave Drake their address and he shows up on her door step. He makes her a proposition that she reluctantly agrees to go back to Texas with him. She’ll prove that this is not a match for life.

Without giving up the rest of this listen/story. Does Mackenzie fall for Drake? Is she everything he ever dreamed of? What is Mackenzie’s secret that she finally shares with Drake? Something that she never even shared with anyone. Will this be a happily ever after? You will not be disappointed that is all I can say about this short read!

The Narrator: Another marvelous performance by Meghan Kelly. I have listen to her in other audio mediums and she more than hit the characters on the head here! Like I said this is not a book that you should listen to while driving. Meghan really cranked up the steam where the steam needed to be. She portrayed Mac’s feelings so well. She really has me a lifetime fan of her works!

The Cover: I do like the cover it shows just what kind of feelings end up between Mackenzie and Drake!

Note: This review was posted to Goodreads, Amazon, Audible, BN.com and ITunes. The Book was provided for review by Meghan Kelly (narrator). All views are strictly mine and not in any way influenced by others. Thank you for your time reading my review. Comments are always welcome about my review of this book!

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