Tell Me Another Lie Tell Me Another Lie

Tell Me Another Lie

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    • $7.99

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This is an Apple Books audiobook narrated by a digital voice based on a human narrator.

"I read the first book in this series and I was blown away. This author is just fabulous."--Angel's Mommy

Just when things were finally looking up …

Belle Cosgrove is incredibly frustrated. Four years after the death of her young husband, she's finally managed to box up her grief and guilt and move on, having convinced herself she neither wants nor deserves another relationship. But now that her massage clinic is thriving, she's just adopted a dog, and the future is looking bright, her new found peace is threatened by disturbing notes and gifts from an anonymous stalker.

Huckleberry Ridge police officer, Woody Bannock, has decided it's much safer to maintain the status quo as a bachelor than risk adding to the long list of women he's managed to disappoint in the past—including his own mother. He's got a job he loves, a place of his own and a dog who adores him. But when he's asked to check into Belle's stalking allegations, he's thrown off kilter by his powerful attraction to the charming and vulnerable red-head.

Despite the magnetism between them, the reasons for not becoming entangled are much stronger, and both shy away from any commitment. Even after Belle's stalker escalates, she hesitates to involve Woody for fear of further wounding her already damaged heart.

 When her safety is truly threatened, she has no choice but to trust him … but is it too late?

Don't miss the final book of the clean, suspenseful Huckleberry Ridge Romance series!

Apple Books
hr min
January 25
Dianna Dorisi Winget