Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story (Unabridged‪)‬

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Today everyone—whether they know it or not—is in the emotional transportation business. More and more, success is won by creating compelling stories that have the power to move partners, shareholders, customers, and employees to action. Simply put, if you can’t tell it, you can’t sell it. And this book tells you how to do both.

Historically, stories have always been igniters of action, moving people to do things. But only recently has it become clear that purposeful stories—those created with a specific mission in mind—are absolutely essential in persuading others to support a vision, dream or cause.
Peter Guber, whose executive and entrepreneurial accomplishments have made him a success in multiple industries, has long relied on purposeful story telling to motivate, win over, shape, engage and sell. Indeed, what began as knack for telling stories as an entertainment industry executive has, through years of perspiration and inspiration, evolved into a set of principles that anyone can use to achieve their goals.
In Tell to Win, Guber shows how to move beyond soulless Power Point slides, facts, and figures to create purposeful stories that can serve as powerful calls to action.  Among his techniques:
* Capture your audience’s attention first, fast and foremost
* Motivate your listeners by demonstrating authenticity 
* Build your tell around “what’s in it for them”
* Change passive listeners into active participants
* Use “state-of-the-heart” technology online and offline to make sure audience commitment remains strong

To validate the power of telling purposeful stories, Guber includes in this book a remarkably diverse number of “voices” —master tellers with whom he’s shared experiences. They include YouTube founder Chad Hurley, NBA champion Pat Riley, clothing designer Normal Kamali, “Mission to Mars” scientist Gentry Lee, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, former South African president Nelson Mandela, magician David Copperfield, film director Steven Spielberg, novelist Nora Roberts, rock legend Gene Simmons, and physician and author Deepak Chopra.
After listening to this extraordinary mix of voices, you’ll know how to craft, deliver—and own—a story that is truly compelling, one capable of turning others into viral advocates for your goal.

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Patrick Egan
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March 1
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Customer Reviews

77mjones77 ,

Best book for business success ever!!! (With a caveat)!!!

Great book but you must get through the first couple stories in this book before you can appreciate the full content. But, the ultimate powerful impact of this book will change your perspectives and will dramatically impact your ability to persuade. Pay paticular attention to the patter of "challenge" "struggle" and "resolution" and the idea of "suspense" as being "expectation" and "violation of expecation." With these rules and the hundreds of captivating example stories provided, you will be a master storyteller and it will help you get what you want out of your relationaships (especially business relationships). One caveat (if you are a strong Christian as I am) is that you will not likely agree with the author's views on the many controversial topics in this book nor with his decsion to include 3 or 4 vulgar expletives sprinkled throughout this book (very dissapointing)!!! If you can get past that, you will gain a vast amount of skill in storytelling. Had it not been for the author's unbiblical views on same sex issues, certain religious intonations, and his use of expletives, I would have given this book a perfect 5.

Adgrimmer ,

More than just "stories are important"

What I love about this book is that Peter Guber goes beyond just saying the same thing in different ways. He actually dissects the elements of good and influential storytelling. And he even goes so far as to bullet point the main ideas at the end of each chapter for easy review. Great great book.

Bergie25 ,

Very Helpful if you're looking for an edge in business

This book does a good job of explaining Peter's mantra that to sell, you need to use stories instead of just bullet points. I read this book in about 3 days, and a couple of parts are slow, but most of it is a very easy read and he does a good job of showing you not only that it works, but how to do it yourself to raise your business to another level. I recommend this book to anyone looking to gain an edge over the competition. It's already helped me in my business (finance) and I only finished the book a couple of days ago.

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