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Fans of The Help and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil will delight in this comic novel of family secrets by acclaimed author Susan Gabriel (The Secret Sense of Wildflower, a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2012 and an Amazon number one best seller).

In Savannah, Georgia, one woman holds all the secrets. When she dies of a possible voodoo curse, the secrets start coming out. The ghosts are upset. And for the Temple family women, everything is about to change forever.

Aristocratic 80-year-old Iris Temple has a fondness for exotic meats, and her poison-pen Book of Secrets keeps her family and all of Savannah's elites in line. Shortly after Iris dies, compromising tidbits from the Book of Secrets are mysteriously published in the newspaper, and the quiet lives of the Temple family women explode.

Iris' estranged daughter, Rose, escaped to Wyoming 20 years ago and married a cowboy. Will she accept the outrageous terms of the will?

Queenie, Iris' black half sister, lives in the historic family mansion, suffering Iris' arrogant ways as her personal assistant. After all she's tolerated with Iris, will she inherit the mansion, as promised?

One hundred-year-old Old Sally, who keeps the old Gullah traditions alive, is Queenie's mother by her white employer, Iris' father. For Rose, she is the mother Iris could never be. Did Old Sally put a voodoo curse on Iris?

When they discover who will inherit the historic family mansion and Iris' multimillion- dollar estate, the whole boisterous business of secrets forces the women into challenging - and sometimes hilarious - situations as they put the past to rest and forge a brighter future.

Temple Secrets is Southern Gothic fiction at its best. If you like strong women, plots full of twists and turns, characters who are funny and unpredictable, and sibling rivalry of biblical proportions, you'll love Susan Gabriel's rollicking tale of the cost of keeping secrets, the healing that comes with their exposure, and the bliss of coming home again.

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Holly Adams
hr min
April 7
Wild Lily Arts

Customer Reviews

Anne Alex ,

Funny, rollicking, strong women, ghosts & more

I love a meaty novel that gives me a great story - especially Southern Gothic! – that is well written, teaches me a few things and makes me - at various points - laugh out loud and cry. Temple Secrets audiobook delivered all of that, with superb narration. I tend to be one of those people who laugh silently, but I burst out with a few in this audiobook! This novel is quite different from Gabriel’s The Secret Sense of Wildflower, which I heard a while ago, and was also really excellent.

In Temple Secrets, the story is narrated by four women: Queenie, Violet, Rose and Old Sally. These women, black and white, have a lot of shared family history and to varying extent, genes. Queenie is hilarious. Violet, her niece, has some psychic abilities inherited from Old Sally, her grandmother and the wise holder of the Gullah traditions. Rose is the estranged daughter of Iris Temple, the matriarch of this entrenched, elite Savannah family. The plot gradually reveals all the interconnects of the characters and a delicious outcome of Iris’s will. This wonderful story left me feeling fully satisfied.

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