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Tim Ferriss is an extraordinary young man on a mission. The twenty-nine-year-old serial vagabond and successful entrepreneur has been teaching a wildly popular course at Princeton University: a how-to and why-to guide to throwing out the old methods for success (balancing life and work, retiring well, having a great nest egg) and replacing them with an entirely new way of living.

The 4-Hour Workweek explains what a lifestyle entrepreneur is and why you should want to become one. It teaches you how to kill your job and design a life, the 80/20 rule and how it increases productivity, how to replace your dreams with goals, and more. Listeners can lead a rich life by working only four hours a week, freeing up the rest of their time to spend it living the lives they want.

The 4-Hour Workweek shows and explains what is a lifestyle entrepreneur and why you should want to become one, how to kill your job, how to design a life, how to replace your dreams with goals, the 80/20 rule and how it increases productivity, how to add life after subtracting work, how to DEAL—Define, Eliminate, Automate, and Liberate—and how to find your muse.

There is no reason to wait to live the life you want.

Ray Porter
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October 12
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Customer Reviews

Warp Nine ,

Very good read... 

Very good book. It reminds me of the old Nike slogan, "Just Do It". A very good read. In light of our current economy... a very necessary read!!

The OC Rock Review ,

Can I have a Refund?

This guy is the master of BS! This whole book is about this guy beating his chest,
being macho.... I can't believe I gave him my money. Shame on me! If you want to know
how to get rich, write a book like this guy did and tap into the get rich quick short cut
scam..... Really do not buy this, All he talks about is how to automate your business.
There I just saved you $14.95.

Davidicus I ,

Please don't buy this book, it needs to be lonely at the top ( wink )

Yah well it comes off as being arrogant and anti-authoritarian, but I like the attitude, and I think everyone should review their life in new terms, do not accept the paradigm of the last generation, evolve, adapt, and grow into a new more fulfilling life. Specifics be damned, I like the approach, thats why I give it 5 stars.

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