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Joe Haldeman is the esteemed Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of The Forever War. Things are going nowhere for lowly MIT research assistant Matt Fuller-especially not after his girlfriend drops him for another man. But then while working late one night, he inadvertently stumbles upon what may be the greatest scientific breakthrough ever. His luck, however, runs out when he finds himself wanted for murder-in the future.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Kevin R. Free
hr min
June 11
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Customer Reviews

sushijim123 ,

The Accidental Time Machine

Very good listen. I think one of the more entertaining time travel audio books i have listened to recently. The others would be Time Ships - Steven Baxter (a sequel to HG Wells Time Machine), and Times Eye (Sunstorm, Firstborn) series by Asimov and Baxter. Accidental Time Machine deals with time travel in ever increasing increments, and the new futures the traveler meets are interesting. Worth a listen.

hrdguera ,

Accidental Time Traveler?

I bought this book on a lark. I loved the story; the two main characters; and the ideas put into layman's terms that concern the paradoxes of both forward and backward time travel. I found it all very plausible and most enjoyable. I recommend this audio book to anyone interested in a good story and anyone who has tried to imagine or extrapolate what the future may look like. There is a message here. The fun is figuring out which message is the most significant. This reminds me a little of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy with a more serious message and less tongue-in-cheek humor.

allandye ,

Fun time travel book

A fun romp through time with hapless Matthew Fuller. Its not always super serious but definitely I stayed interested in the main character's journey. Reminds me of Heinlein's older teen stuff but with time travel and bit more edge. I listened to it a couple times. I really like this narrator!

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