The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide (Unabridged‪)‬

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Jenna Fischer's Hollywood journey began at the age of 22 when she moved to Los Angeles from her hometown of St. Louis. With a theater degree in hand, she was determined, she was confident, she was ready to work hard. So, what could go wrong?

Uh, basically everything. The path to being a professional actor was so much more vast and competitive than she’d imagined. It would be eight long years before she landed her iconic role on The Office, nearly a decade of frustration, struggle, rejection, and doubt.

If only she’d had a handbook for the aspiring actor. Or, better yet, someone to show her the way—an established actor who could educate her about the business, manage her expectations, and reassure her in those moments of despair.

Jenna wants to be that person for you.   

With amusing candor and wit, Fischer spells out the nuts and bolts of getting established in the profession, based on her own memorable and hilarious experiences. She tells you how to get the right headshot, what to look for in representation, and the importance of joining forces with other like-minded artists and creating your own work—invaluable advice personally acquired from her many years of struggle. She provides helpful hints on how to be gutsy and take risks, the tricks to good auditioning and callbacks, and how not to fall for certain scams (auditions in a guy’s apartment are probably not legit—or at least not for the kind of part you’re looking for!).

Her inspiring, helpful guidance feels like a trusted friend who’s made the journey, and has now returned to walk beside you, pointing out the pitfalls as you blaze your own path towards the life of a professional actor.  

This title is narrated by a full cast. Narrators include: Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, Natalie Zea, Sean Gunn, Derek Waters, Reed Birney, and Mark Proksch.

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December 12
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Customer Reviews

Cmeditation ,

Nothing in life comes easy

I had no interest in acting. Was just a fan of the author. But her sincerity, practicality, and kindness made me love this book. I couldn’t stop listening.. As a young individual I have doubts and fears in life. I often compare myself to others my age and feel like I’m lost because there is no mentor to guide me. This book’s not about the field I’m interested in yet the big lessons are incredibly relevant. Highly recommend to anyone in their early 20s or the beginning of any career. Heartwarming stuff.

Gm7101x ,

An Actors insight to an elusive world

Jenna artfully captures the “real nitty gritty” of the world of glitz and glam. Catered to dedicated newbies Pursuing acting, she gives tips and expert advice on what to expect and how to achieve acting dreams. Jenna is real and honest. It takes some supreme self awareness to be honest as a celebrity. Jenna tells the reader that the world of Hollywood (or NY if you choose) is full of incredibly hard work and a lot of rejection, BUT to stick with it and you may get that “break”. Very good read. Thank you Jenna.

sampurdell ,


One of the absolute best books on the acting biz

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