The Amazing Development of Men, Expanded 2nd Edition: Every Man's Journey from Knight to Prince to King

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Making sense of men's evolution... The stages of development describe the lifelong process by which a man's sense of self evolves. Predictable and unavoidable, these stages determine what men live for and what they can't live without. Understanding the differences between knights, princes, and kings is critical for success in romantic relationships, raising sons, and working effectively with men.

In this intimate conversation you'll learn:

What men can and cannot provide at each stage
How to avoid the tragic mistakes women make
What's really happening during a "mid-life crisis"
What makes a man "ready" for relationship, marriage, and children
The importance of adventure to men of all ages

Plus much more!

Alison A. Armstrong
hr min
December 30
PAX Programs Inc.

Customer Reviews

The Truth. Period. ,

I wish every woman understood men

This is so insightful. Helped me recognize some of my life journey. I’ve been around women my entire life that didn’t understand me or my journey. I also didn’t understand women. This audio was super helpful in recognizing why I am they way I am and that I am normal.

henrypootel ,

Transformed my relationship with all the men in my life, especially my husband

I have listened to all of Alison Armstrong's audiobooks many, many. many times, because there is that much information in them. Whenever there is overlap it is only so anyone who hasn't listened to the other audiobooks can understand the ideas that build upon each other, so do not be afraid that you are paying for the same ideas being repeated over and over and therefore it is a waste of money to buy all of them. It is totally worth it to buy them all(except for the original Understanding Men, which is just a condensed version of the update. The update is so much better than the first version that I do not think it is worth bothering with buying the original at all if you get the update).
Not only is there a lot to absorb in Alison Armstrong's material, but the ideas are often so different from they way we are either conditioned or 'programmed' biologically it will probably take quite a bit of time and effort to even grasp the ideas, much less put them to use. Be patient with yourself and definitely consider taking her workshops which help you reach the epiphany needed to fully grasp and appreciate the material. All of the workshops are worth it and even though they are expensive to take the first time, to retake them is not very expensive at all and it is also very worth it. As you take the workshops and continue to listen to the audiobooks you will find huge shifts in your thinking take place which will translate into happier and healthier relationships and interactions with both men and women within and without your family that will improve your whole life, not just your primary relationship. These are also a fantastic complement to John Grey's work, and visa-versa.

fjane44 ,

Deeply Misogynistic

I listened to both her understanding women and this one. Instead of making men responsible for the actions they make, she puts the burden on women. I wish we would’ve made a list of how many times she said “women make the mistake.” Or people make “the mistake but primarily women.”

I also have to give a disclaimer that if you have left a religious organization that is considered patriarchal, that this material pins the fault on women and womens bodies when a man can’t control his urges or “visual” tendencies.

Her material is very biased and tone deaf to the human experience. This information of course is also really only accesible to cisgender heteronormative couples.

Also it’s not okay that women have to put the I visible duct tape on their mouth, when the men I know are allowed to criticize women but women have to take it and pretend like it doesn’t bother them.

The last thing I want to note is that after doing research, I couldn’t find the AA has any formal credentials in human development and her theories are simply that theories. Her material strongly puts women in a very constricting box, and at this point men as well.

Again this material is very constrictingly (not a word but can’t find it) heteronormative. Just a caution.

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