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Noam Chomsky’s defense of Pol Pot and the genocidal Khymer Rouge, as well as his bizarre associations with Holocaust revisionists, may surprise those who think they know what he believes. Other Chomsky views, such as his claim that the United States has taken the place of Nazi Germany on the world stage, will be more familiar. With Chomskyism growing here and abroad, Collier writes, “It is clearly time for a reckoning.”

The essays in this book provide a response to the millions of words Noam Chomsky has written in the past forty years. Examining Chomsky’s controversial ideas about various foreign and domestic issues and even the legitimacy of the linguistics theories on which his reputation rests, The Anti-Chomsky Reader explores the dark corners of what the New Yorker recently called “one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century.”

Kirk Jordan
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December 1
Blackstone Audio

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mercifulgorn ,

An Exercise in Slime

If you listen to/read this trash, be sure you verify each and every claim the authors make about Chomsky. You will discover two things: 1) there is little to no justification for anything written here, and 2) when there is, the claim at stake is extremely silly. The authors know that most readers will not take the time to research their claims. Unfortunately, in our current cultural context all that is necessary to undermine a person’s reputation is the ability to sling mud. It is a measure of Chomsky's effectiveness that such a book as this - and other corresponding efforts to smear him - exists. At the same time, that doesn't keep this effort from being a sad piece of slimy, mudslinging, and dishonest scholarship. Chomsky’s voice is one of the most important of the last 40 years, but you can go ahead and discover that yourself if you are able to muster the energy to do so. There are many places to start, but I highly recommend his "World Orders Old and New."

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