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Beaten and battered in mind and body, the fugitives limp west, unaware that the human world is fading all around them, unaware that the last remnants of the goodness of man is being ground under the heel of evil at every turn. When confronted with that evil, fight or flight are their only choices, however, Neil's small group is hamstrung, forced to take on more refugees who come to them empty-handed, unarmed, and hungry. Neil is faced with the disturbing prospect of guiding them across 2,000 miles of zombie-plagued land, only to stumble at his first hurdle: the mighty Mississippi has become a river of death and, like the fabled River Styx, the only way to pass is to pay the river man his fee. His price: warm bodies.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Basil Sands
hr min
November 17
Peter Meredith

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Brilliant, I say! Brilliant!

This may be my favorite so far. Jillybean is once again at her peak performance! I love when a new character meets her and at first they think she's mental, and maybe a bit she is, but then they need her to save their lives!

Once again the audio in this is impeccable. I am so glad that Peter Meredith has stuck with Basil Sands throughout the series. Now that I am comfortable with all of the characters and their voices, another narrator would totally throw me off. Basil, yet again, sets a standard for which other audiobooks will be judged. The voices are on point, as are each inflection. I can never tell when the story is getting into a crescendo because Basil and Peter have me so sucked in, that everyone and everything else around me are null and void.

In this fourth book, Peter Meredith has continued right along with the series. He has added to the series with each book, so these must be read in order. Besides that, the characters are so fantastic that you will want to read them in order to get a real understanding of each of the characters. Especially since new characters are coming in all the time.

This one took me a bit longer to get into. It was not because the plot was not there, because it was, but because I had to give myself time. This starts at the same intensity that some books crescendo at! Intense does not even really embody how crazy this gets.

I do love the new characters. Some of them are a bit prissy. They have been taken care of and as such expect to be treated a certain way. They do not even know how to kill zombies. AND they judge Neil and Jillybean. Rude!

This one is hard to review without spoilers. I can say that this is my absolute favorite. The characters, the drama, the intensity! The plot is amazing. Once again ends on a huge cliff hangers with lives in the balance! Brilliantly done.

The only thing you'll want to do after reading this, is read the next one. Brilliant, I say! Brilliant!

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