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You deserve getting what you want only if you know how to ask for it rightly. Master the art of dealing with people effectively, learn how to get what you want every time without giving in, and create a life of abundance and joy.

Negotiation is not something that is only for selected few or endowed on some gifted people. Anyone can learn and master this crucial skill to get what they want in life personally or professionally.

The Art of Negotiation is written to help listeners understand and master the most common strategies used by successful negotiators.

You’ll learn how this people skills can open the gateway to endless possibilities in your personal and professional life and empower your to lead an extraordinary life.

Here is brief overview of what The Art of Negotiation will offer you:

Why negotiation skills are so important in today’s world and what are the the pre-requisites for becoming a good negotiator?
The most common myths about learning negotiation skills and you will see them busting through proven facts and arguments.
Understand 7 sure-fire strategies that will turn you into a master negotiator.
Learn how you can gain a superior bargaining power by rightly using BATNA technique with an effective 4-step process.
Learn the resourceful techniques to control the terms of any negotiation. Why you should develop a mutual comfort level before you even start negotiating and the best ways to do it.
The best ways to regulate your mood before and during the negotiation get the maximum out of any deal
4-step process to make a solid first impression that gives you an edge in any negotiation.
Use the power of contrast effect to reframe offers that makes it tempting and no-brainer to accept.
Why MESO technique helps you to engage your prospect and ensure that you’ll almost guarantee your success.
Understand effective counter-offer techniques and the perfect timing to pitch your offer.
And much more.

Business & Personal Finance
Barry Dean Evans
hr min
May 30
Nick Anderson

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