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Robert Greene's previous bestseller, The 48 Laws of Power, distilled 3,000 years of scheming into a guide People praised as "beguiling... literate... fascinating" and Kirkus denounced as "an anti-Book of Virtues."

In Art of Seduction, Greene returns with a new instruction book on the most subtle, elusive, and effective form of power because seduction isn't really about sex. It's about manipulating other people's greatest weakness: their desire for pleasure.

Synthesizing the work of thinkers including Freud, Diderot, Nietzsche, and Einstein, reporting the enticing strategies of characters throughout history, The Art of Seduction is a comprehensive guide to getting what we want any way we can.

Jeff David
hr min
July 31
HighBridge Audio

Customer Reviews

Mimi3 ,

a how-to of seduction

The book is a wonderful analysis of classic fiction and non-fiction, of culture (historical and current), of psychology and almost as an after-thought includes how-to advice. The audio is essentially just that how-to advice. It's nice that it's so focused as a kind of self-help book, but it lacks the great storytelling that was so important in the book.

ipod god ,

the art of seduction

this book is ok but of the 3 books that robert greene has written it is the weakest by far. i highly recommend the other 2 books ''the 48 laws of power'' and ''the 33 strategies of war'' are the ultimate reads in my opinion. i dont understand why itunes does not have these books also they are well written and thought provoking and wickedly profound!!!! please itunes add these to the audiobooks list please!!!

old dean ,

I like the narrator's delivery

The narrator was perfect for this book! That is usually pretty hard to come by in audiobooks, but they hit it on the head with this guy. Content was highly interesting and entertaining. Haven't got the chance to put it to use yet, but it seems very logical and practical. Most of what is said you get the feeling that you already subconsciously knew, but it was cool to see it organized in a way to harness that knowledge and put it to use. It was kinda laughable/creepy that he keeps referring to the target of the seduction as "the victim" though. All in all pretty good listen. Recommended

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