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Born over 2,400 years ago, warrior, thinker, and leader Sun Tzu lived during a time of great internecine conflict in China. A classic of Chinese literature, Art of War reveals the strategies, tactics, and insights that lead to success. Mastery of warfare and the maintenance of power are the most important values in Sun’s philosophy--without which there can be no peace or life. According to Sun, studying your enemy, detecting his weakness, allowing him to expose himself and then acting accordingly is the key to success. But, it is perhaps even more important to master the skill of winning without fighting.

Sun’s battle-proven strategies have been put into practice by countless leaders--from Mao Tse-tung to Napoleon to the planners of Operation Desert Storm. Filled with practical wisdom and strategy, Art of War is an indispensable guide for anyone who want an edge over the competition. With powerful narration by George Guidall and Joe Mantegna, listeners are sure to be destined for greatness with this book.

Joe Mantegna
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January 1
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kaseyrae1 ,

Art of war

I didn’t realize less than half the book is actually “The Art of War” and the other part is a review. I wouldn’t have paid so much. :/

Doc Morgan ,

Don’t let the “Unabridged” fool you...

Most of the content of this audiobook (probably 3/4 or more) is commentary giving historical context to the actual title “The Art of War” by the noted author. Although it does contain the titled work, unless you are looking for a detailed history of Chinese military history and examples of the text in practical exercise (again… which is probably 3/4 or more of this recording) then find another version or take the time to actually read it. The actual translated work can easily be read in under an hour leaving the rest of the time, that would in this case be spent listening to a history lesson, for you to ponder the wisdom and lessons left to us by Sun Tzu.

Otherwise, this is a well done recording which does give some well narrated examples of Sun Tzu’s text in practical execution in early China (700 BC ~ 200 BC).

Jesus himself. ,

Don’t Buy

This is not even close to the whole book. Complete scam

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