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Sun Tzu's The Art of War is a landmark achievement in the evolution of strategic thought. So universal and timeless are its tactics for pursuing a competitive advantage that some of the most notable people in government, sports, and the entertainment world have all quoted from its nearly 2500-year-old pages. These six expertly crafted lectures explore this classic's wisdom for staying nimble in an ever-changing environment and for maximizing reward while minimizing risk remains eternally fresh. As war and business become more mental and less physical, human intellect plays an ever greater role in competition-making Sun Tzu's strategies highly relevant to the information age.

Through a precise explanation of the original text and case studies, Professor Wilson examines how the seminal work's model of leadership has been applied-and misapplied-throughout the realms of war, politics, business, and beyond. You'll study the text's historical framework and then delve into the critical calculations that must be made prior to war-what Sun Tzu refers to as knowing the enemy, knowing ourselves.

By studying real-world examples, you'll come away understanding the qualities effective commanders must possess and the work's practical implications for outmaneuvering competitors in daily life. By taking this course, you will appreciate Sun Tzu's content on a far deeper level.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this course are those of the professor and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Department of Defense, or the U.S. government.

Disclaimer: Please note that this recording may include references to supplemental texts or print references that are not essential to the program and not supplied with your purchase.

Andrew R. Wilson
hr min
July 8
The Great Courses

Customer Reviews

Crabby69 ,

Much easier to understand than I expected

I have read The Art of War but, I still didn't understand it. After listening to this audiobook, I am rereading The Art of War with a totally different perspective.

MrLiy ,


Listened to it all in one sitting, couldn’t put it down. So well put together and insightful that I will return to it periodically and listen to each lecture one by one.

Odin Anderson ,

Clear but lacking insight

The presenter knows The Art War well and is able to explain the historical context for its writing, the books contents and competing theories of authorship. But it seems to lack a clear articulation of big takeaways, for strategy, decision making etc. Fine treatment if you are looking to approach this at literature or history. Not so helpful if u are seeking big insights.

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