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Full Cast Performance

From the New York Times bestseller, The Barefoot Spirit, Comes a NEW style of Business Audiobook:

Learn Valuable Lessons While Hollywood Actors Perform this Entertaining & True Story of Barefoot Wine.

A Sherwood Players Production, FULL ENSEMBLE CAST ​including Hollywood Legends ED ASNER and GIGI PERREAU​, ORIGINAL CINEMATIC SCORE, SOUND EFFECTS, and BEHIND THE SCENES INTERVIEWS with the REAL Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey (creators of Barefoot Wine) with author Rick Kushman 

It is amazing that such an iconic brand as Barefoot Wines began as a startup in the laundry room of a rented farmhouse. Even more surprising is that it was started by a business couple with no money and no knowledge of the wine industry.

They regularly ran into difficulties that nearly killed the brand. It was their unshakable belief in Barefoot's potential that kept it going, along with the use of classic business principles, and a never-say-die outlook. Hardship, hustle, and heart are the essence of The Barefoot Spirit.

This book is a testament to the power of out-of-the-box thinking. It is a guide for anyone in business, and a great read for everyone who loves a rags-to-riches story. Filled with encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment, including:
How Worthy Cause Marketing out performed paid advertisingHow boot-strapping was used instead of conventional financingThe surprising advantages of being small and brokeHow creating a fun, yet hardworking company culture encouraged innovative leadership
If you like wine, the wine country, or a story about how a plucky couple disrupted an industry, what it takes to really succeed in the face of adversity, how to use your core beliefs to build a national brand, then The Barefoot Spirit is for you.

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JDMorgan1961 ,

the Barefoot Spirit is still alive

As someone who held to the idea that the only good book was made of paper and I could hold, I am new to audiobooks. Of course, I have found them convenient and interestingly, I read or listen now, more. But, the Barefoot Spirit was a completely new experience and a whole new level of informative entertainment. The format is personal and interesting. Rather than chapters, it is more of a story with characters, personalities and great interaction with the founders of Barefoot. It is a serious book but narrated in such a way that it’s fun. I can not recommend it more highly for anyone starting any entrepreneurial endeavor, not just wine. To me, it has been a gift.

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