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Newly elected, Jack Ryan has found that being President is not easy: domestic pitfalls await him at every turn; there's a revolution in Liberia; the Asian economy is going down the tubes; and now, in Moscow, someone may have tried to assassinate the chairman of the SVR - the former KGB - with a rocket-propelled grenade. Were the potential assassins political enemies, the Russian Mafia, or disaffected former KGB? Or is something far more dangerous at work here? While Ryan dispatches his most trusted eyes and ears, including black ops specialist John Clark, to find out the truth of the matter, forces in China are moving ahead with a plan of truly audacious proportions. If they succeed, the world will never look the same again.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Michael Prichard
hr min
December 7
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Haskie63 ,


I purchased this in spite of the negative comments. I am glad I did. It is a typical Clancy novel. The narrator did a great job. Don't pass on a good book.

Kumarohaize ,

Good book; bad narrator

The book is good (I owned it on paperback before purchasing the audible version, so I knew that going in), but like most other Tom Clancy novels he's narrated, Michael Pritchard ruins it. He talks way too slow, has very little emotion and doesn't try to make any distinction between two different characters "talking" to each other in the book. The abridged version is from a different narrator who does a far, far better job of reading the story and pulling the listener in. Unless you really want the entire story (and the 42 hours it takes him to read it all), I recommend going with the abridged version.

P.S. Another person suggested increasing the speed the audiobook is read. That's only an option if you're listening using a dedicated player. The iTunes app itself does not support changing the speed of audiobooks.

Thrillerfan ,

Worst narrator ever

I can't even listen to this book although I love Tom Clancy - the narrator absolutely ruins it

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