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When Sydney Chaplin left D.C. nine years ago for college, she vowed never to return. But when her sister is found brutally murdered, she finds herself drawn once again into the shadowy web of her wealthy, powerful family. Joined by Washington detectives Jack Cassian and Darius Train, and driven by her need to know the truth about her sister's death, Sydney will risk everything--her life and her family's future-to find the answers. From the gritty streets and crack dens of the District's inner city, to the posh country clubs and gilded offices of the nation's political elite, Sydney, Cassian, and Train must slip deep into a labyrinth of money, power, and deceit to uncover a decades-old conspiracy that could rock the nation.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Richard Ferrone
hr min
July 28
Recorded Books

Customer Reviews

Nystul ,

tired and trite

I enjoyed Hosp's other two books, finding them entertaining cop stories. However, this one was a massive let down. Every plot point is either an overwrought cliche or telegraphed so far in advance that it's tedious to get to the turn. You find yourself bored wondering when the characters will come to the obvious conclusion you put together ages ago. Further, Hosp's writing is stunted- characters deliver expository plot info like they are reading a technical manual and when he tries to get flowery with creative metaphores he falls on his face ("she rose with efficiency" was actually used. How does one rise from a chair efficiently? I do not know). I like Richard Ferrone as a narrator, he's got a very gritty delivery that works in some presentations but he didn't have much to work with. The book itself here is just not good. Nothing original, nothing interesting. It's just a mashed together detective story devices. Avoid this one.

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