The Bible of Unspeakable Truths

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Greg Gutfeld, the acclaimed host of the popular, nightly Fox News show Red Eye, has packed this book full of his most aggressive (and funny) diatribes -- each chapter exploring Unspeakable Truths that cut right to the core and go well beyond just politics. Greg deconstructs pop culture, media, kids, disease, race, food, sex, celebrity, current events, and nearly every other aspect of life, with Truths including but not limited to: "if you're over 25 and still use party as a verb, then you're beyond redemption," "the media wanted bird flu to kill thousands," "attractive people don't write for a living," "death row inmates make the best husbands," and "the urge to punch Zach Braff in the face is completely natural."

With an irreverent voice, incredible wit, and a firm take on just about everything, this is a manual for how to think about stuff, by a guy who has thought about precisely that same stuff. And, even if you disagree with Greg, this book will make you laugh--guaranteed.

Greg Gutfeld
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May 25
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Customer Reviews

uberchrist33 ,

Short people do got a reason to live; and: his name is Greg Gutfeld!

This is a great audio book!!! I’ve listen to it 12 times, and I’ve only had it a short (no pun, intended) time. I was a fan of Red Eye, but then stopped watching it. Once, I heard about this book, and because I used to watch the show, I had no reservations about buying it (I have since, started recording his show because of this book). I love Greg’s take on things, especially the part about how closed-minded people are really smart, and open-minded people are really stupid. It’s intellectual paralysis! Right on, Greg. It’s insightful, and funny as hell. You really need to take a listen because you will fall in-love with this man; and if you don’t agree with me, you’re a racist homophobe, that probably mugs unicorns in your shorty-rob. I hate you: stupid unicorn mugger!

The Grimey Reaper ,

He who speaks the unspeakable.

Greg breaks out from the preconceived concepts of what a Libertarian or Conservative is. This isn’t your Dad’s political beliefs! Red Eye is the best hour on TV today and watching that show is like going to a young conservative support group -- “these people think like me! I am not alone” -- and right at the center is our man Greg, the inmate in charge of the asylum. The show balances slightly right-sided political beliefs and opinions with humor and wit. And unlike other political satire out there (you listening Comedy Central), the folks at Red Eye are not afraid to bring the other side into the debate. How refreshing is that!

Anyway, the book is a continuation of that: a series of Greg’s spot-on rants about society and what is wrong with it. His logic, while occasionally warped, is sound and his beliefs are untainted by spin and “the establishment”. If you’ve read his blogs or listened to his Gregalouges then you know what is contained in the pages. But for those of you who have never experienced Gutfeld first hand you are either in for a treat...or prepare to be revolted. Either way I am pretty sure he won’t mind. And if you disagree with me then, you sir, are worse than Hitler!

Jerrizzle18 ,

He tells it like it is with a comedic twist?!

This guy Iis awesome and he's an awesome libertarian! Great book!

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