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Since the publication of The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton has received widespread acclaim as one of the most accessible and knowledgeable voices of "new biology". The science is called epigenetics, a revolutionary field that shows us how the energy of consciousness is as important in shaping life on earth as DNA and chemistry. In this original author adaptation, Dr. Lipton brings his clarity, insight, and humor to unveiling a profound change in how we perceive the way life works, including:
How environment, including our thoughts and emotions, controls the character of every cell
Quantum physics and life: the key to understanding the bigger picture of how "mind over matter" works
Cooperation and evolution: moving beyond the "selfish gene" theory to see that a natural trend toward harmony literally shapes the biosphere
Why the oft-dismissed placebo effect is really the most powerful healing tool we have, and much more

As scientists have mapped the human genome, it has become clear that there are important aspects of life that defy our traditional models of evolution. The "missing link", according to Dr. Lipton, is consciousness. With The Biology of Belief, listeners join this groundbreaking researcher to learn how this new science radically alters both how we understand life on earth and how we choose to live.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
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October 26
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Customer Reviews

Tellurian5 ,

The Biology of Belief

This was a very interesting book to read. It was exciting to learn that we have more control over our reality than we even realize. I would definitely recommend this book.

Dr.Photo ,

The Holy Grail of my Problems!

Throughout my 42 years of life, I have struggled with many issues. Most of all, depression and lack of esteem. This book is the Holly Grail I have been looking for. I have read over 1000 books on self help, but this one gave me the green light, that nothing is 'fixed' in my actual biological DNA. You see, I come from less than fortunate background and very negative, abusive parents. This book 'allowed' me to believe I can change the destiny of my own life based on my self beliefs. Belief and your mind does affects your biology, and you can change it! I am a Christian and also believe that God blesses us with wisdom to better ourselves through others, if we only utilize it, such as this book. It is a great listen, non-religious, and very scientific with clear explanations.

Dr Tyrell ,

Great introduction, I recommend his other book

This is a great awakening, but I recommend buying his Wisdom of the Your Cells if you really want to understand the issues in detail. These two books will change your life, and how you perceive yourself. Contrary to one of the reviews, this book is packed with facts and well researched and tested experiments. It is science. If you want to read fiction, go rent any of Al Gore's global warming swindle books.

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