The Bird that Sang in Color

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Publisher Description

A moving family saga about the secret to living free!

Donna Greco subscribes to a conventional view of success in life, and she pushes her freewheeling, artistic brother, Vincent to do the same. However, he chooses to go his own way, and she harbors guilt for her supposed failure to ensure his happiness until she discovers a book of sketches he made of his life, which allows her to see his internal joy. 

She also discovers something else in her brother’s drawings that changes her entire outlook on life and fuels her desire to live authentically. But she is pulled back into her secure existence for fear of the unknown. What does she discover and will she be able to break free of her self-made prison and live life on her own terms? Read this generational saga spanning decades and filled with endearing characters, great humor, and nostalgia to find out. 

Reviewers have called this story "profound, thought-provoking, funny, inspiring, and beautiful." Notable New York Times author Lidia Yuknavitch has called this book, "hugely moving, beautifully rendered, and brilliant."

"a refreshing family portrait about interpersonal evolution...presented with affection, humor, and insight...evocative, uplifting," Midwest Book Review

“highly polished artistic prose…evolves fluidly; with great heart and humour…A consummate exponent in the art of storytelling and skilled in the imagery of words... the characters are all emotionally complex…lyrical and lovingly written…profound and thought provoking,” Fiction Books Biz Book Reviews

"The periods and places are so well realised, with the kind of simple, yet revealing, strokes Donna admires in her brother's drawings. This is writing of the highest is a book that makes you think, to question your assumptions. And that is something that the best literature sets out to do," Rosie Amber Book Reviews

"a heartfelt family story told with grace and humor," Rose City Reader

Grace Mattioli
hr min
January 17
Grace Mattioli