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Publisher Description

A psychological thriller with supernatural overtones, The Birthing House is a tale of one man’s descent into madness, where fantasy and nightmare share the same bed.

In this brilliantly crafted ghost story, a young couple, Conrad and Joanna Harrison, attempt to save their marriage by starting anew in a rural turn-of-the-century former birthing house. One day, when Jo is away at work, the former owner bequeaths a photo album that “belongs to the house.” Thumbing through the antique photos of miserable midwives and pregnant girls in their nineteenth-century dresses, Conrad is chilled to the bone when he sees his own wife staring back at him with rage.

The Birthing House is a story of possession, sexual obsession, and ultimately murder, as a centuries-old crime is reenacted in the present with devastating consequences.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Edward Herrmann
hr min
August 4
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

thomaswaynecabezas ,


A well told creepy tale. Can't wait for his next book.

cathrun ,

Good narration for a scary tale

I bought this book because I love scary stories. However, I am usually disappointed because they turn out to be either gory or depressing and, I have to be honest, I am kind of tough to scare. This story was a good old fashioned, creepy story! I got hooked at the beginning and found it an addicting audiobook to listen to.
It's amazing what a good narrator can do for a book like this, too. Edward Herrman is an award winning actor who has been around for a while and, boy, you could really tell by his narration. He manages to create just the right amount of confusion in the main character to keep the listener hooked. There were some genuinely scary parts to this book. I'm no chicken, but I listened to it alone while I was painting a bedroom in my house and there were a few times when I just creeped myself out by listening to it! Overall, I liked it. And I didn't expect to.

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