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When the steamer Drake is shipwrecked off the Spanish coast, only two passengers survive. One is Alec Ramsay, a young American boy. The other is the Black Stallion, the wildest of all wild creatures. Stranded together on a desert island, boy and stallion develop a deep and wonderful understanding. The Black Stallion is the horse Alec has always dreamed of—beautiful, free-spirited, and astonishingly strong. Alec is determined to tame him and bring him home to New York. But the job turns out to be more difficult and dangerous that he ever thought possible, for a wild Arabian stallion will not settle down easily into the quiet American countryside. Generations have been captivated by Walter Farley’s heartwarming story of the extraordinary horse and the boy who loves him. To this day, The Black Stallion remains one of the best-loved books of children around the world and a classic of children’s literature.

Kids & Young Adults
Frank Muller
hr min
August 27
Recorded Books

Customer Reviews

leighmchenry ,

Wonderful story!

My 8 year old, horse-loving daughter and I finished the book together in a single weekend. For those parents looking for the Accelerated Reading information, this book is level 5.2 and is worth 7 points. It's a shame iTunes has to charge so much for this audiobook. A download shouldn't cost more than the paperback edition.

kucgs ,

a touching story

A wonderful and touching story that keeps you interested all the way through. Shows the love and dedication one person can have is truly powerful. Reminds us what a true good book really has the power to drag you into the world with the characters.


8 yr old boy LOVED IT

Finished the entire thing in 2 days. Was waking up in the middle of the night to sneak his itouch to listen.

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