The Blue Knights: Blue Book III (Unabridged) The Blue Knights: Blue Book III (Unabridged)

The Blue Knights: Blue Book III (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $21.99

Publisher Description

The Blue Knights is the third in a series of books chronicling the magical exploits of Princess Blue, Princess Victoriana, and Lady Charlotte along with many other endearing characters. It is a fairy tale of the battle between innocent virtue and unholy wickedness in the spirit of the Brothers Grimm, the Oz stories by L. Frank Baum, and Mary Poppins, by P. L. Travers. 

Two young princesses and their lovely governess, banished from the Kingdom of the North for reasons beyond their understanding, find themselves in reversed roles far from home at Schloss Lichtenstein. The princesses are now relegated to the status of mere morning matrons at the bottom of the royal staff hierarchy. In contrast, Lady Charlotte is no longer a nanny, but instead the Senior Matron and virtual First Lady of the Schloss. Discovering hard work, long hours, and unseen dangers, the banished princesses, find special friendship and camaraderie with the other matrons, stablehands, pages, and squires. 

Lady Charlotte is no longer the fun-loving big sister to the princesses, but instead, she is an unrelenting taskmaster. Unbeknownst to these three special maidens, they are surrounded by unseen protectors known as the Blue Knights. Simultaneously, a secret sisterhood of mythical female warriors, work to protect the three maidens and foil the schemes of the wicked Aleksandrina, Queen of the Damodells. Known as the Sisters of the Ettol Rahc, they use their almost magical powers to thwart the evil plot against not only the Blue Sapphire, but all that is virtuous. Originally written as a fairy tale to be read aloud at bedtime, the stories evolved into an exciting adventure about friendship, love, and the coming of age.

Kids & Young Adults
Susan McGurl
hr min
March 10
Charlotte Blue Publishing