The Blueprint: How to Recreate Your Life in 6 Simple Steps (Unabridged) The Blueprint: How to Recreate Your Life in 6 Simple Steps (Unabridged)

The Blueprint: How to Recreate Your Life in 6 Simple Steps (Unabridged‪)‬

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How To Recreate Your Life In 6-Simple Steps

Are you still awake – spiraling down the agonizing chain of overthinking, confusion, and anxiety?

Have the limiting beliefs and inner blocks deprived you of a happy and productive life?

Before anything else, let me tell you this…

You are meant for BIGGER THINGS!

Everyone is born with remarkable gifts. But somewhere along the way, these gifts slip away from our hands like sand…

Ever wonder why?

Let me break it down for you…

Your environment, past failures, traumatic events, words of discouragement from others, and your own limiting beliefs muffle your creativity and steal away your gifts. So much so that you are dragged into a slow-burning trap of anxiety, depression, and lack of self-confidence.

But what if today was the day you turned the tables and took control of your life?

How amazing would it be to finally break free from the agonizing chains of limiting beliefs and negative self-talk?

This would empower you to finally unleash your inner beast – capitalizing on your creativity and reclaiming your gifts.

This will help you become the person that you were truly meant to be and live your dream life without any guesswork or hassle.

But here is the thing…

Getting rid of overthinking, limiting beliefs, and self-doubts is easier said than done.

You might have already read many books on self-help, watched dozens and dozens of YouTube videos, and perhaps even spent your time and money on therapists…

Now they might have been helpful to some extent, but none of them were life-changing. Isn’t that true? And the reason for that is quite simple:

All the other books and resources only offer mere words of encouragement, affirmations, motivation, the law of attraction, or manifestation.

What they fail to provide is a clear-cut, step-by-step roadmap and blueprint to finally take control of your emotions and life.

And that’s exactly where The Blueprint: How To Recreate Your Life In 6-Simple Steps comes in.

This powerful book will take you on a journey to rewire your brain so you can move past the limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and trauma that have taken a hole in your life for far too long. The Blueprint is a clear roadmap to changing your life forever.

Here is a sneak peek of the massive value inside:

You'll learn how to identify and release the unprocessed emotions holding you back, keeping you from reaching your whole potential.
You'll learn how to process the memories of your past using EMDR treatment, which stands for eye movement, desensitization, and reprocessing, developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro.
You'll learn how to recreate your self-image, improve your self-esteem and remove any and all self-doubt keeping you from being successful.
You'll learn how to heal your inner child and fragmented self, and finally, become the hero of your own transformational journey.
Finally, you'll learn how to visualize and model your way to a level of mastery and self-mastery that only you can dream of.

All the techniques in this book have been designed to help you assess yourself in a more balanced and objective way. If you would like to learn all these skills, this is the book for you.

Then I highly urge you to grab this book without wasting a single day.

Gerard Grogans
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November 8
Gerard Grogans