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Set in contemporary San Francisco and in a Chinese village where Peking Man is being unearthed, The Bonesetter's Daughter is an excavation of the human spirit: the past, its deepest wounds, its most profound hopes.
The story conjures the pain of broken dreams, the power of myths, and the strength of love that enables us to recover in memory what we have lost in grief. Over the course of one fog-shrouded year, between one season of falling stars and the next, mother and daughter find what they share in their bones through heredity, history, and inexpressible qualities of love.

Amy Tan, Joan Chen
hr min
May 17
Phoenix Books

Customer Reviews

turnerjl ,

Buy the book, not the audiobook

This book is wonderful but very difficult to understand in the audiobook form. The plot lines twist from the present to the past (which is indicated by a change of narrator, sometimes) and it can be very confusing. If you listen to it all in one whack, you won't be confused. But if you, like me, listen to it in 20 minute bouts every day on the bus, you'll need to spend time winding back through the plot to understand where you are now, and even then you'll miss the wonderful nuances of the story.

cccamper ,


i purchased this audiobook from audible when i was still a subscriber. it is one of the most beautiful books i have ever heard/read. the history entertwined with the present helps me remember the history of my own family which i know, and long to know what will always be silent. her's is a fascinating history which is as rich to me as the basic storyline.

someone suggested reading the book instead. this may be the case for many. for myself, the soft and accented voice lends greatly to the "experience" of the story.

you choose, either way, i love it.

McBeefer ,

Both versions are excellent

I've read and listened to this book and enjoyed both versions equally. Many of Tan's books are concerned with the struggle of Chinese born women and their Americanized daughters — and Bonesetter's Daughter is no exception. The audiobook is narrated by the author (Amy Tan) and Joan Chen. Tan narrates the Asian-American daughter's perspective while Chen reads the mother's story as a young woman growing up in China. Personally, I loved Chen's accented narration and thought gave a new dimension to the story. If you enjoy audiobooks, I think you'll enjoy it.

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