The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women (Unabridged‪)‬

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The world economy and its entire, historic, economic production has been fueled by one thing, and one thing only - sex. Specifically, men’s desire to have sex with young and beautiful females. It’s not specifically female youth and beauty per se, as much as it is the fertility these things signal. But make no mistake, female youth and beauty has powered the world economy since the beginning of time. And men are the economic engines that run on it.

Consequently, in their pursuit of women, men have not only produced nearly every penny of GDP, but have created nearly every technological innovation in the history of the world. They’ve built civilizations from the ground up. Cured diseases through amazing medical advances. Laid incredible multitrillion dollar transportation and communications infrastructures. And it isn’t even these great, Herculean achievements of man, as much as it is the daily grind billions of men today and in the past went through to attract wives and support families. 

From waking up in the morning to going to school, to suffering a commute to working overtime, to hitting the gym to majoring in STEM, to going to war, and even to the granular level of choosing which shirt to buy or what car to finance, nearly all of a man’s post-pubescent life is directly or indirectly dedicated toward the pursuit of women. And if there were no women, $90 trillion in global GDP and $360 trillion in wealth would simply disappear overnight. And the army of 50 billion men who’ve existed on this planet would never have produced the $3 quadrillion in total historic GDP that built society. Without female youth and beauty, humanity would simply not exist.

But there is an opposite side to this total, historical, global GDP coin. Because while society screams bloody murder over wealth and income gaps between the sexes, nobody asks how all this economic production, let alone these financial disparities, came about. And while men no doubt out-earn women and own the lion’s share of global wealth, it is only because for every penny of GDP, a man’s labor was put into it. That for every technological innovation, a man paid a price in terms of time, effort, toil, and mental energy. And the $90 trillion in global GDP we see today is not just cryptically “the total economic production of the world", but can also be viewed as the total price men pay for their pursuit of women.

And this essay asks just one simple question - “Is it worth it?”

To date, no serious economic analysis has been conducted on what is nothing short of the most important economic question facing men. And since men will likely account for the majority of economic production and technical innovation in the future, this also makes it the most important economic question facing the world. However, while the economic ramifications of men's pursuit of women are truly global, this essay has no grandiose ideas of convincing the world, let alone the economics profession, about the importance of whether it's in men's best interests to continue this pursuit. It only cares about the individual man reading this essay and whether the pursuit of women is personally worth it to him. In that regard, this essay aims to inform the reader about the real mathematical chances of success he faces in the pursuit of women, as well as the modern-day risks, so that he may make an informed economic decision as to how he best invests his life. It also aims to align the reader's expectations with reality so his life is not ruined by delusion or hope, both of which have ruined millions of lives in the past. But in short, this essay is nothing less than the most important cost-benefit analysis any man will read, which makes it mandatory reading for any man who wishes to take his life seriously.

Kevin Sapp
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January 20
Aaron Clarey

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