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Our country is facing a leadership crisis, with fewer leaders available than are needed. Even more distressing, the church is facing the same crisis. Failures in church leadership seem to be at an epidemic level, reminding us of the adage, "As the leaders go, so go the people." With so much at stake, how can we raise up effective leaders who have genuine and lasting impact on their charge?

Author John MacArthur writes on more than 60 traits every leader needs. These elements of character form the framework from which MacArthur details the qualifications and responsibilities of effective leaders, no matter if they are full-time staff members or Christians seeking to serve God at church, home, work, and with friends.

Religion & Spirituality
John MacArthur
hr min
January 12
Thomas Nelson

Customer Reviews

Spirit_Led ,

MacArthur does it again!!

Spectacular book on Christ-like leadership. MacArtur points out that we can only acquire great leadership skills by following in the footsteps of the best leader there ever ways, the Lord Jesus Christ. MacArthur points out several ways that leading the way Christ did edified others as He led them. A CEO of a major corporation or manager of a hot dog stand would be greatly blessed by reading this. If only all of the CEO's in the world would read this and apply the biblical insite. The world would sure change in a hurry for the better. Thanks Pastor (Dr.) MacArthur


Sound Perspective on Spiritual Leaders

This book uses the life and charachter of Paul to describe biblical leadership and leaders. A nice change from advice on new tactics and secular ideas on what true leadership looks like. As a bonus, the book is read by the author, who himself is a gifted speaker.

Repent&TrustJesus-Mark1:15 ,

5 STAR LEADERSHIP BOOK by John MacArthur!!!!

This Book was everything I thought it would be and MORE! You won't be disappointed.. This book is-the-one-on-Leadership every believer &/or Leader should invest in! Note to John MacArthur: Keep cranking out more Audiobooks!!! I have soo many paper books.. But honestly I find myself FAITHFULLY reading Audiobooks vs when I buy paper or even the iBooks version. My time is limited so it's hard to sit down and read when I know too I need to study the Word first. // Thanks for all you do John MacArthur! :)

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