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The Wrong Man

Someone’s after Brandon Hall. He doesn’t know who. He doesn’t know why. But he does know they’re dangerous.

On the run from a gang that attacked him, Hall stumbles into the help of a beautiful computer expert. With her help, Hall will try to find out what the gang is after. Once they do, they will make everyone know that they attacked… the wrong man.

Hard Bargain

Having trouble with starting his own business, and with some nudging from Charlotte, Hall gets roped into investigating the death of a college student. While Hall and Charlotte uncover the clues, there is still the question of a mysterious mastermind who’s behind it all.

What seems like an open-and-shut case quickly turns into something more involving hitmen, an illegal prescription racket, and dead bodies piling up at an alarming rate.

Dark Day

Hall’s on his first official case after becoming a private investigator. It’s supposed to be a simple, and boring case. All he had to do was follow a cheating husband and take some pictures. But for him, things are never that simple. He quickly gets swept up in a murder case, which leads to the name of an out-of-town hitman.

As Hall investigates and tries to find the elusive hitman, more bodies pile up, and the name of one man keeps entering the picture. A man named Ripper who’s behind it all. But is Ripper actually a new foe, or is he the same criminal mastermind that Hall has run into before with a different name?

Mysteries & Thrillers
Eric Bryan Moore
hr min
March 7
Ryan Publishing

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