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It all starts with a stupid New Year's resolution, when Mary decides that it's about time to get over her ex. She is willing to kiss the first stranger she spots at the spa, hoping to ignite that spark once more. But she is in for a surprise and gets more than what she bargained for at midnight.

Have you ever felt as if you were unable to live without something, not even knowing what it was? Right now, this scent makes me feel that way. I want to know where it is coming from. And yet I'm afraid to turn, because then I might realize that I'm only dreaming, and this heavenly sensation that got all my nerves on edge is but a fantasy.

Besides, it must be some kind of a cologne, and as such, it belongs to a person. A male, most probably. And if his smell has such an effect on me, I don't even want to imagine what he could make me feel (or do). And as far as I can tell, most people are here with their partners anyway. Skinny ones, none-the-less. Not that I have a problem with my curves, but looking at them makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes me remember what I saw on my ex-favorite sofa, the way Greg was pumping my skinny best friend.

I let out a sigh as the scent becomes stronger and is accompanied by a strange sound. It takes me a few seconds to realize that someone is clearing his throat. Most probably the owner of the heavenly cologne. I let out another sigh, which probably makes me seem like an idiot. Oh, well. I guess I have to turn now, but I glance at the clock once more, just to make sure that I don't have to fulfil my promise just yet. I relax a bit, realizing that I still have two minutes till midnight.

I glance to my right, and my heart skips a beat as I notice you. Your questioning eyes explore my flushed face, and I inhale sharply, as your gaze travels down my chest. I couldn't be more glad that my bottom part is under the water....

Caution! Adult content. 18+

Pippi del Rio
hr min
May 4
Timea Tokes