The Cannon: Swift Series, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Sawyer Tom is a tall Texan with an easy smile. It masks his rough start in life. 

Now destiny has flipped the story for the baseball phenom, and life’s riches are within his grasp. 

But it’s the chance meeting with a beautiful stubborn girl that has him reaching. 

Bristol Swift is the only daughter in a Memphis baseball dynasty. What stands out most though, is her apathy to the game and its players. 

As far as she’s concerned, her medical practice deserves all the attention. 

Funny how a look, a touch, one dance, can change two worlds.

Aaron Shedlock, CJ Bloom
hr min
May 12
Leslie Pike

Customer Reviews

jennieruiz07 ,

Loved the Age Gap Romance

Another wonderfully charming and steamy romance from Leslie Pike. The Cannon features Bristol Swift and Sawyer Tom, two people who find what they are looking for in a surprising way. Their story is not only steamy but heartfelt and beautiful. Sawyer and Bristol find the missing piece in their lives that make them complete. Their chemistry is scorching. I loved the way Sawyer was not just a typical baseball hotshot but he was real, vulnerable and so dreamy. He showed Bristol there was more to him than just another young player in the major leagues. Bristol was incredible. Not only was she an amazing doctor but she was also strong, independent and took no crap from anyone. I loved how Bristol and Sawyer’s relationship progressed from friends to lovers. Aaron Shedlock and CJ Bloom narrate this audiobook. They do a wonderful job bringing Sawyer and Bristol to life. I enjoyed their narration and they way they capture all the emotions. I would definitely be adding more of Leslie Pike’s books to my TBR.


Worth it

Review: 4.5/5 ⭐️
Steam: 3.5/5 🔥
Audio: 4.5/5 🎧

#thecannon by @authorlpike is book three in the #swiftfamilyseries

Sawyer is an all around good man. He’s a professional athlete, well mannered, handsome and fun guy. He didn’t make it to professional baseball the easy way, he’s had to work for everything in his life. Through hoops, he’s made it work, exactly how he wants it to be with the beautiful doctor he’s noticing. Bristol has been around baseball her entire life, she isn’t impressed by the game or the players. So when Sawyer tries to talk to her, she assumes he’s like everyone else. But when she starts to spend more time around this man, she sees who he truly is. A good hearted man who wants to makes everyone’s life around him better. She falls deeper into his love until she’s fully engulfed. Can she stay happily under the blissful cover or is their natural want to protect others going to come crashing down on them?

I loved this series, I think this was my favorite book of them all. Sawyer wasn’t what I expected. He was selfless and caring, only wanted everyone else to be happy. He saw Bristol for the amazing woman she was. She got to experience the man behind the baseball. There was definitely some surprises in here that fit perfectly.

@aaronshedlock and #cjbloom did an amazing job with this books. The main characters were displayed perfectly, you felt the emotions when times got heavy. I absolutely would recommend this book!

Thank you @homecookedbook for this ALC opportunity in exchange for an honest review.

Bette H ,

More Swift Greatness! Amazing Story & Narration🎧

the Swift family, their stories stand on their own but the characters appear in each other’s books and it is nice to know their backstory, it is also nice to see them again, like seeing an old friend. This book is Bristol Swift and Sawyer Tom’s story and, like the first two books, the story grabbed my attention right from the start and captivated it the entire time. Bristol is a doctor and her family thinks the world of her, they think she is quite the catch too, but she does not share their sentiment. Sawyer is the newest pitcher for the Memphis Mavericks and is smitten with Bristol from the moment he met her at a team event. Except Bristol does not get involved with ballplayers, but Sawyer has some encouragement from her family members and he does not give up on her. I adored Sawyer, it did not take long to know how great of a person he was, his backstory is amazing and his heart is huge. When Bristol finally realized that, she finally opened her heart to let him in and to open her eyes to see what she could have instead of what she could not have. I loved how everything played out in this booth, it is a wonderfully written and plotted story that tugs on your heartstrings like no other, you could feel the emotions pour off the pages straight to the heart. Leslie Pike, thank you for another fabulous story and emotional rollercoaster ride.

🎧📚🎧 And for the fabulous narration, Aaron Shedlock and CJ Bloom are the perfect cast to bring these characters and their story to life. They had a complete understanding of the characters they portrayed, gave each a voice that fit their character’s persona to a tee, sounding believable and just as I pictured the characters to sound. Aaron Shedlock slams it out of the park as Sawyer, CJ Bloom’s Bristol was spot on as well, both grasped their emotions and had you feeling every single one. Both were great at performing the roles of the secondary characters as well. These mega talented narrators are versatile voice artists and entertaining storytellers. They are a pleasure to listen to, and their performance enhances an already amazing story to another level. Thank you for this exceptional listen.